What is PKMNcast?

A lot of news this Monday.

If you follow my personal twitter, you would have saw that the other night I bought two new domain names!

One of those I have already mentioned: pkmnstore.com

You can also type in pokemon.goodsie.com - but we like our new URL better!

So in not wanting to be sued by Nintendo and/or GameFreak and/or the Pokémon Company, I cannot make a real logo for the site with the word "Pokémon" - but since I own the domain: www.pokemonpodcast.com - that is my right (that I OWN) to put onto shirts. I think every site needs a logo, and while this post isn't about our new logo (which is coming), it is about our new domain. 

We will ALWAYS call the site Pokemon Podcast DOT com, but to make things easier, you can just type "pkmncast.com" into your browser to jump over to our site now. Pretty cool, right?

You probably guessed it, we can't use Pokémon in a logo, but we can use PKMN. Clever, right?