The Frozen Side of Things

This article is as cold as ice. Your willing to read to sacrifice... 

I’m not entirely sure what your going to sacrifice during this read, but hopefully that corny intro got your attention to this week’s Rare Article. Today we are going to keep it simple and talk about Ice Moves. We are going to do the whole top 5 of our favorites and this article will kick off the NEW move of the week feature that will begin next Wednesday and continue on every Wednesday. Woot!

There are 15 Ice moves in the games currently. Three of those 15 are non-damage dealing. About half are physical and the other’s are special and there is the exception of the three status moves. Curious of our top 5 favorite Ice moves... continue reading!

5. Ice Shard [Damage 40 - Accuracy 100% - Notes: Always attacks first]

Why is it great?

Not the highest dealing damage move, we know, but it’s like Quick Attack, but better in every way. Not only does it always attack first, but with it being an Ice-type move, your going to have an upper edge on those faster flying, dragon, and ground-types. Turn that 40 into 80 against those types weak against Ice, and you have a substitution light-weight Ice Beam, just a lot faster. 

4. Ice Punch [Damage 75 - Accuracy 100% - Notes: Has a 10% of Freezing opponent.]

Why is it great?

Very popular move with the fighting type Pokémon. Pokémon such as Hitmonchan can take full advantage of this awesome Ice Move. Solid damage, 100% accuracy, with a dash of freezing your enemy. It’s like somebody spiked your drink. 

3. Hail [Damage n/a - Accuracy 100% - Notes: Causes Hail to fall for 5 turns.]

Why is it great?

Doesn’t do any direct damage to your opponent, eh? Let’s tell you what is does do super well. Turns your Blizzard, which has 70% accuracy, into having 100% for the entire time your battle has Hail in effect. Hail and Blizzard... it’s like having chocolate and ice cream. Besides that combo, Hail will boost Ice-type moves and like any weather effect, it will end Sunny Day, Rainy Day, Sandstorm, etc. 

2. Blizzard [Damage 120 - Accuracy 70% - Notes: Has a 10% of Freezing opponent.]

Why is it great?

First, hopefully you read why Hail is great. On top of that, Blizzard is the strongest Ice move in the game, which is awesome against Pokémon such as Dragonite. Secondly, Blizzard will hit both opponents in a double battle, where as moves like Earthquake will hit everyone, including your own team, on the field. 

1. Ice Beam [Damage 95 - Accuracy 100% - Notes: Has a 10% of Freezing opponent.]

Why is it great?

Well... if you don’t want to do the Blizzard/Hail combo, then just go with the best Ice-type move in the game. You can’t argue with 100% accuracy, dealing 95 damage, that this move is anything but awesome. Bonus points, a LOT of Pokémon can learn this move too, which makes it ungodly universal. Ice Beam is our favorite Ice-type move, but you probably guessed that before you read this article... you smart trainers you. 

We kept this article pretty short and sweet. Hopefully, it will get you excited weekly when we focus on one move to talk about. There are more moves then there are Pokémon, so we will be spending a lot of time together. Let us know what you think in the comments!