PKMN of the Week: Whiscash

Cash money, baby, cash money.

So, folks, I had a pretty decent plan for VGC Nationals.  Yes, I was going to copy a little from my friend Gabe but I was also planning on throwing a little bit of my own spice in.  If you read my travelogue, you know that I wasn't able to get my intended team up and ready in time for Nationals.  Instead, I used my goofing team that I just fool around with.  Kind of surprising that I won twice, huh?

Over the next few weeks I will cover the Pokémon I used in VGC Nationals and indicate some changes I could have made that might have improved my chances.  The team I ended up with was Terrakion, Hydreigon, Volcarona, Whiscash, Zoroark, and Eelektross.  I've already covered Hydreigon, and he was actually one of my top performers, so you may want to look back for that article.  This week I am going to cover the Pokémon I named my team after:  Tickles the Whiscash.

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The Frozen Side of Things

This article is as cold as ice. Your willing to read to sacrifice... 

I’m not entirely sure what your going to sacrifice during this read, but hopefully that corny intro got your attention to this week’s Rare Article. Today we are going to keep it simple and talk about Ice Moves. We are going to do the whole top 5 of our favorites and this article will kick off the NEW move of the week feature that will begin next Wednesday and continue on every Wednesday. Woot!

There are 15 Ice moves in the games currently...

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