Who Likes HMs?

I thought about skipping this week’s Rare Article. It’s late... I didn’t have a good topic... I was out with friends having a good time. I figured you guys wouldn’t mind if I skipped a week, right? Then a thought to myself, if I skip one week for a weak excuse, what makes me not skip the next week for another lame excuse. Consistency is a good thing, and a site that stays on track is a site that succeeds. There are lots of websites out there, and podcasts for that matter, and once they miss a week, it all can go down hill. 

Anyway, here is this weeks article!


Who Likes HMs?

HMs are the annoying little brother in your Pokémon life. You can’t throw them out because you need to rely and depend on them. So because HMs are so dumb... well dumb is a harsh word... let’s say... HMs can be greatly improved (a more positive look) we are going to complain about them and tell you what we would like.

First off, there was Cut, Fly, Surf, Strength, and Flash. In generation uno, these HMs could not be forgotten once taught to your Pokémon. So most Trainers got stuck with their Pikachu knowing Flash... or their Bulbasaur knowing Cut the entire game. Fly and Surf was awesome... but a major flaw in the first game. We all know that HMs were put into the game to prevent progress to the next towns, but let’s be honest, we only used Flash in the dark caves. If you were hardcore, you went through the cave blinded until you hit the exit. Come on, you tried it, right? Made it through with no Flash? We did!

Generation 2 added 2 more HMs. TWO MORE!? WHY!?? Then Generation 3 added another one!? WHAT?? OMG?!?!?!!!!?? UGHHH! LOLLL???? FMLL!!??? 

We got carried away above. Sorry...

Generation 4 hit and Nintendo got smart and removed Flash from the HM list (REJOICE!) but in return we got another lame substituted... Defog...

Nintendo... you hate us... 

At least in Generation 4 you could swing by the Move Deleter to get your HMs off your team, but we are up to 8 annoying HMs. 

Honestly though, I think Nintendo is finally moving in the right direction. In Pokémon Black and White, Nintendo dropped two HMs. Nintendo removed Rock Smash and Whirlpool from the list of HMs. So when the Blacks/Whites arrive to the USA, we won’t have to worry about our new Pokémon having to waste a slot for Rock Smash anymore. 

Enough complaining. Here is what we would like. 


Dear Nintendo: 

Surf is awesome, we love it! Don’t change it!

Fly is okay, can you give us 100% accuracy, that 95% is really annoying now.

Cut is awful... 95% accuracy with 50 damage. First off, it should be a grass-type move, we only cut these weird trees anyways, and on top of that 95% accuracy Nintendo?! Come on, if your going to force us to use it, give us 100% please!

Strength is actually not bad, 80 Power, 100% accuracy... we would prefer if it was Fighting over Normal-type though. 

Waterfall is again, not bad, 80 Power, 100% accuracy, but can we get a Status effect such as, user becomes Confused. Compared with Surf as your other HM, this move fits on no ones team. Make it more useful!

Dive is like Waterfall (80/100) and Dig combined, no secondary effects. We would like to see this removed from the HM list and just be treated like Dig or Teleport is. Again, Nintendo we would like to see more difference between moves. 


We are done complaining. Not our best article, but it probably won’t be are worst. More importantly, what do you think? Do you like HMs? Agree with our wants? Let us know! Comment!