Breeding 911: Easy Way for Perfect IVs?

Heya everyone, Kenny here! Today I’m here to help everyone with their Pokémon-related questions. Have you ever had questions about EVs, IVs, Abilities, moves, or anything related to creating that perfect Pokémon? Well, look no further! Every week, I’ll be an email or two in depth, and posting it on the website. Not only will you get your answer, but you’ll be credited for asking a great question, too! Don’t worry though if your question doesn’t get picked. I promise I’ll still do my best to provide an answer to any and all questions asked. Alright, let’s delve into those questions!

I didn’t get permission from this fan to use their name, so they won’t be getting a shout out. If you’d like one, let me know and I’ll mention you next time!

“I have a ditto and a mightyena in my heartgold game, and they each have a perfect iv, mightyena in Attack and Ditto in Speed. I used the power Items, and took hours going to the judge because I was in a place without Nintendo Wi-Fi. I'm trying to breed 3 31 IVs onto a poochyena. is there 1) an easier way to find out IVs in game than IV battles or the judge? and 2) an easier way to get 3 perfect IVs

Let me start out by saying that these are some great, not to mention important, questions. When it comes to IVs and EVs, nothing is worse than being misinformed. 

    1. IVs are a very important thing, but they can sometimes be a real pain to check. I’ll be the first to admit that I really don’t enjoy trekking over to the Judge just to check all 20 of my newly hatched Pokémon. Unfortunately, there really isn’t a better way. At least, none that I know of. In Gen V the Judge is actually pretty good so he’s a safe and accurate marker as to what IV(s) your Pokémon excels in. If you want to, you can take a newly hatched Pokémon onto one of the Battle Subway trains if you want to look at that individual’s stats. Remember though, you can’t have duplicates of the same Pokémon so you can only take in one baby at a time. The Judge is really the best answer unless you want to specifically see an individual’s stats.

    2. Alright, first off let me correct something. When breeding Pokémon, only one can hold a brace to receive the beneficial effects. I would recommend giving the other parent an Everstone to help better ensure that the babies have the desired Nature. In Gen IV, the female was the only one who could pass on the Nature via the Everstone, however it has been expanded to include the father in Gen V. Unfortunately, if the parents do not have 31s in your desired stat then it can be quite difficult to produce the desired results. The reason for this is that every baby is basically “rolling” randomly for IVs (or taking the parents non-perfect IVs). If you have parents with perfect IVs in the desired stat, then it is statistically much more likely that the offspring will also have  31s, and if both parents have a 31 in said stat then you’ve got a pretty nice chance that the offspring will have the desired stats.

Well, that’s it! I know it’s kinda short, but I really hope it helped. Have a question you’d like answered? Drop me an email at and I’ll do my best to get back to you! Keep it up, Trainers!

- Kenny