Luck and Fighting Fighting

They came at the hands of decks that ran fighting pokemon. The first loss was to a Terrakion. My opponent started with a Terrakion then communicated for a Terrakion and those two alone rolled over me. The second loss was the same situation but with two Donphan. Cather was also key in these losses as my opponents waited and were patient, waiting for me to play a Magnamite, in order to catcher up the biggest threat and take care of it early.

What I think is super interesting is that the other list that was very popular was my list but with Lanturn instead of Magnezone. Using Lanturn provided easy knockouts for Reshiram and Typhlosion. None of the Lanturn decks I played provided answers for a Donphan though. Which leads me to the ultimate point of this article. 

No matter how good the deck it is going to have a weakness. So without a doubt you will need some level of luck in order to do well. I could have very well been paired against any of the other decks that ran Terrakion or Donphan but I wasn’t. I was lucky enough to get matched up against Lanturns and players who ran off the wall lists. So as much as I would love this article to be about how I’m a Pokemon master that really isn’t the case. I did play well and did build a strong deck but a fair share of my success should be attributed to my pairing. This also means that you could have terrible pairings so if you’re deck bombed the last battleroads maybe don’t give up on it. Playtest more and more and find out if the flaw is your match up or the mechanics of the deck.

So my weakness is fighting and I’ve brainstormed two solutions and need your opinions on them. Answer one, and I think the better answer, a 1-0-1 line of Leavanny. His ability is any of your Pokemon that have any energy attached to it have no weakness. Answer two, which is really only an answer for Donphan, is a Samurott line. So what’re your thoughts? Are there any other answers that I’m missing?