December 2010

Speaking of memory lane, I hope you all enjoyed the EPIC three part episode 050. Wondering how far we came? Well in December of 2010 we had about 177 Facebook Fans. Also, we still had Pokémon in our banner. I didn't feel like getting sued at the time, but 6+ months later, we have a pretty good looking site, but what did it look like back then? Do you remember? Click the link to find out...
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PKMN of the Week: Salamence

Lets kick off 2011 with a powerhouse!

Salamence have long, heavy tails which can catapult enemies that enter its territory yards into the air at an instant. Its extremely rough and sturdy body is quite tough and hard to penetrate, especially its almost metallic, red, blade-like wings. Salamence have long necks which allow them to take in deep breaths to store and charge very intense Dragon and Fire attacks.


  • Salamence shares the same species name with Horsea, Dratini, and their evolutions. They are all known as Dragon Pokémon.
  • Salamence is, along with Shelgon, the only Dragon-type that can learn Rollout.

Source: Bulbapeida


Recap of 2010 PKMN of the Week

Starting 2011

Hello Fellow Trainers,

First off, I want to THANK EVERYONE who comes to the site, participates in forums, and listen to the shows. I also want to give a special shout out to all our KINDLE subscribers. Why the Kindle Subscribers? Well they pay .99 cents a month to read us anywhere, and that is awesome, thank you for your support, you help keep the site running.

I hope everyone had a great New Years. I wanted to write this letter to not only kick off 2011 on a good note, but to mention our new feature. For a long time some Trainers wanted Forums. I delievered that and called it PokéTalk a couple months ago. The PokéTalk forums were a light soultion to a small demand. We also have a lot of Trainers who comment, and in doing so, they have to fill out a card every time (annoying). Today! Starting Jan 1st, 2011, Trainers can now register for the site and create an account (all for free). This lets our audience have sign in accounts that will remember when the visit the site. Trainers can have their own user name and everything! Pretty great! I'm excited to bring it to you all finally.

Let's talk a bit of history of the site. PKMNcast started on July 28th, 2010. The main reason for starting the site was to complement my main focus of having an awesome Pokémon Podcast, which is famously called "It's Super Effective". I can't believe how many of you have reviewed us and listen to us, it's so awesome. I love the fan mail and everything that comes with doing the shows. Since July, we've built an awesome site for our fan base. We've also started to sell shirts. We have more merch for the 2011 pipeline too! I want to be very personable with all of you listeners, readers, fans, etc, so here are some crazy statistics. 

For the year of 2010 we've had 95,910 page views. Featured Team is our most popular page to view. Our biggest source of traffic is Reddit. The most traffic comes from Mac OS X with 28.84% topping our second most Win XP with 23.19%. We have 79 Reviews in iTunes. 68 of those are 5 Stars.

We are still trying to get to 100 reviews to give out our free Pikachu charger.

So overall, I just want to say Thank You to everyone who supports the site, you all rock! 

Enjoy the new features and keep letting us know what you want! We want to be the best Pokémon site and Podcast around. Woot!

Editor in Chief 
Steve aka SBJ