AOTW Rapid-Fire!! Iron Fist, Pickpocket, and Normalize

The post-it notes are closing in on me again, guys. These adhesive-laden reminders of game mechanicery deigned discussion-worthy in my weekly rambling sessions are sure to rise up against me in open rebellion the likes of which have never been seen should I not thin out the herd soon to assert my dominance. And I’d rather not have a bunch of paper airplanes reenact the Death Star trench run with my butt crack, so I guess that this can only call for one thing- ladies, gentlemen, and assorted others, this is an Ability of the Week: Rapid-Fire!! Iron Fist, Pickpocket, and Normalize!

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MOTW: Explosion

Whats! Up! E-very-bo-dy! This is Pierre (aka Politoedable) for your weekly Move of the Week! It's great to be here in the PKMNCAST universe with all of you guys, discussing one of my favourite aspects of the game: moves. I mean yes, abilities are important, and so are items. But when you think of it, it's the moves that drive the battle onward. Imagine God-almighty Arceus with Cut, Defog, Rock Smash, and Whirlpool. Not so tough now huh? Now of course no one gets that extreme to putting four near-useless HMs on the PKMNGOD, but hey, I’m just trying to prove a point.

So let's get our MotW started! I'd like to begin our epic MoTW journey with a boom. That's right guys, let's talk about EXPLOSION.

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