AOTW: Rivalry

You think you’re cool? You think you’re bad? You ain’t got nothin’! Nothin’, readers! Particularly those of you who happen to also have a Y chromosome! (Ladies.) Nothin’, says I! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that, I’m sure you all have copious amounts of things and are plenty “bad” and/or “cool”. But if you happened to be yelling at me in the future reading this (and I assume none of you are. No DeLoreans or TARDIS’s have materialized in my immediate vicinity so I guess that means you all have senses of humor. Or ran out of plutonium. But I digress) then you’d be channeling this week’s pick for our passive pokémon power! Prepare for the one-upsmanship- this is Ability of the Week: Rivalry!
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