AOTW: Super Luck

It’s that time again, trainer-faces! Welcome back to Ability of the Week! God knows my favorite Abilities are the ones that allow you to stack as much damage as humanly possible, so I’m pretty excited about this week’s pick. Are you feeling like your team is lacking when it comes to critical hit frequency? Well folks, I’m here to tell you that with the right passive pokémon power, we’ll have your roster hitting weak points for massive damage in no time!

….What? No Photoshopped picture of Bill Ritch trying to fight off Kingler? Huh, thought we had that ready for a cutaway gag. Oh well.

This is Ability of the Week: Super Luck!

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AOTW: Sniper

Hello there, trainers! Friday’s Ability class is now in session, please take your seats. SBJ, stop shooting spit wads in Aaron’s ears! This week, folks, we’re discussing a rare but useful little Ability that can make critical hits absolutely devastating. Recommended listening: Misirlou by Dick Dale (AKA, the theme from Pulp Fiction). This is Ability of the Week: Sniper!
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