AOTW: Levitate

What’s up, trainers? Giving you an easy one to sink your teeth into this week, an Ability I’m sure you’ve come across plenty of times. Literally the most common Ability in the game, this sucker weighs in with a whopping thirty-three pokémon capable of using it. Somebody page Link, we might need to borrow his Iron Boots. This is Ability of the Week: Levitate!

What’s there to say about Levitate that hasn’t already been said, or is not widely known? Levitate’s primary function is to be an Earthquake neutralizer. This Ability makes Ground-type moves entirely worthless. Of course, this makes it an invaluable tool for Electric, Steel, Rock, Poison, and Fire types, and four of those types have at least one representative amongst the pokémon who can use it. Some of the noteworthy users include Gengar, Lunatone and Solrock, Flygon, Bronzong, and Rotom, but there are many, many more.

Levitate has a second function that isn’t quite as widely You can't hit me, neener neener NEE-NER!known. If your opponent has laid Spikes or Toxic Spikes, Levitate users will not be damaged by it upon switching in. Levitate also makes your pokémon immune when the opposing pokémon has the Ability Arena Trap, which prevents fleeing from battle or switching pokémon. Apart from being an ideal Ability for pokémon with a weakness to Ground-type moves, this makes Levitate an excellent Ability for dealing with stalling tactics or a “damage over time” strategy. Pokémon like Bronzong and Gengar that have a resistance to poisoning and/or high defense benefit greatly from neutralizing these moves.

That pretty much does it for me this week, folks. Did you prefer this shorter article, or would you rather see a longer one in the vein of my Motor Drive and Sniper articles? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll see you next Friday! Later!