Rare Article: 3 Alternative VGC Strategies

VGC season is in full swing, as Spring Regionals approach. Perhaps the most common team to see is what has been dubbed in years passed as a "goodstuffs" team. In other words, a team that is made up of the best Pokémon in the metagame, as opposed to a team that subscribes to any particular strategy. Sure, weather is fairly common, but it seems that Zapdos, Hitmontop, Scizor, and Garchomp are on every team.

But what if you want to do something at least a tad gimmicky, if only for the element of surprise? Well, I've got you covered. Here are three VGC strategies that won't be expected, and therefore, hopefully won't be prepared for by your opponent.
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Rare Article: Double Battle Strategy and VGC 2012

First off, thanks to Tyson for suggesting this topic! The rules for VGC 2012 have been announced, and it's going to be crazy. It'll be double battles again, but this time players aren't limited to Unova Pokémon. That's right, all Pokémon from #1-#646 are usable, except for a number of banned Pokémon. Numbers 647-649 are unreleased as of now so they won't be included. I'm going to focus on a few things that I think are going to be central in this year's VGC.
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