Bugs, Bugs, Bugs

As of right now, there are about 45 different Bug Pokémon, but that’s going to change when Pokémon Black and White drop in Japan next week. Let’s not jump ahead of ourselves here... wait... slow down... take it easy... spider web has decreased your speed. String shot has been in effect the last paragraph, so let’s start this battle over. 

Wait? What just happened?

Okay readers, slow down. Today we are talking all about the Pokémon nobody uses, the Bug Pokémon. Like stated in the confusing paragraph before, there are 48 Bug-Type Pokémon. Twelve of those are pure bug-type, including favorites like Caterpie and Pinsir. Most bug Pokémon are half-types usually mixed with Flying, such as Butterfree and Scyther, or Poison, such as Beedrill and Aridos. Let’s break down this article in some easy to eat sections.

Why Bug?

Bug is one of the seventeen elemental types. Bug is usually amongst the first type of Pokémon trainers seem to find in the wild. On top of that, Bug Pokémon usually evolve very quickly. Bug Pokémon come in quite handy against Psychic and Dark-types. Also, Bug Pokémon can rock out the damage against Grass Pokémon, another common type. Taking that a step further, Bug-types are resistance against two other common types, Fighting and Ground. All said and well, like any type, Bug-type Pokémon do have flaws. Overall, Bug Pokémon do have a weak defense. Bug Pokémon also don’t hold up against Flying, Fire, and Rock-types. Steel is another type that doesn’t really fall on the favor with Bugs. Can’t win them all right?

Why have a Bug Pokémon in your team then? Well, with the amount of Psychic and Dark type Pokémon out there, it’s a good balance to have on your team. Most bug-type moves are not only super accurate, but they do a ton of damage, take in consideration these moves:





   Attack Order   



High Critical-hit Ratio

Bug Buzz



Has a 10% chance of lowering the target’s Special Defense





Signal Beam



Has a 10% chance of Confusing the target




User switches out after dealing damage


We stand behind most bug-type moves. Attack Order especially, honestly, how can you argue with that move set. Think about a STAB effect against an Alakazam with that. Doesn’t stand a chance anymore, right?

Instead of us trying to decide what Bug Pokémon is better then others (we will do that another day), we are just randomly picking three for you to look at. These three where completely random and to be honest, they could suck on your team. We just want you to appreciate these fellow bug-type Pokémon and their survival in the Pokémon universe. Enjoy!




Stuff you didn’t know?





Shield Dust or Tinted Lens

Of the first generation Bug Pokémon, Venomoth has the highest base Special Attack and ties with Scyther for the highest base HP.





Swift Swim

No other Pokémon has the same type combination (Bug/Water).

Surskit is also the only Pokémon that loses its Water-type upon evolution.






Wormadam's type is variable, depending on the kind of cloak it wears. Additionally, it is capable of learning a few Psychic-type moves. 


More information can be found @ www.bulbapeida.net 

I think we went on about Bug Pokémon a little to long. I’ve always been a big fan of Bug-Type Pokémon, and I feel that they are always pushed off to the side. Bug Pokémon are pretty unique compared to all the other types out there. 

With Black and White coming out, we can see some cool posiblitys of Pokémon. Maybe Pinsir will have an evolution. You heard it here first, we want it, and we are predicting it!

Let us know what you think!