More Voting, no Rare Article

Sorry guys... I spent most of the day sleeping off this sickness I had, when I finally woke up... then I did Episode 019 for ya'll. Which, I hope you guys really like. In terms, I didn't get to do a Rare Article or a Featured Team this week. I'm not to sure what happened to Aaron's post either... I know he's busy with school, but we'll figure it out. Personally, I still think there is a lot of new content on the site, so it's okay if we take this a bit slower... at least until I'm not sick. Oh, and I did give you guys a new sneak peek at the first Season of Critical Hit. That was awesome... right?

More importantly. I really REALLY NEED YOUR HELP! There are the Podcast Awards that end on November 21st, and not to be selfish, but I want to win! They have a whole bunch of categories, but you should vote for "It's Super Effective" in these: People's Choice, Gaming, and Best Produced. 

Please vote and make your friends vote. If "It's Super Effective" wins in one category, I would be thrilled. Remember, you can only vote on that page once, but please do... for us!