Saturday Sketch



Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. I am Tonight’s Entertainment! I only have one question… Where is all the Halloween Pokémon!?

Just in time for Halloween “well a few days early to be exact”, I have come across an image that seems to fit the part!

Here we have the Mouse Pokémon family ready for Halloween.

What I enjoy most about this one is the Pumpkin is actually carved like the Three from the Mouse Family.

There isn’t much information on the artist’s deviantART page, but I believe it was hand drawn, and colored with markers.

The artist’s name is pikabellechu on deviantART.


I am actually rather disappointed that there are not many Pokémon Halloween drawings/images.

If anyone has any knowledge of any please feel free to contact me at

Also as always I am glad to take suggestions and requests!


If you’re heading out to go Trick-or-Treating, or to a Halloween party this week, please remember to be safe! Stay away from any Pokémon Poachers, or Hikers in Van’s that offer you candy! It may sound like a joke but seriously be safe and enjoy your night of Fun and Terrors!

Thanks for viewing/reading and I’ll see you all next week!