MOTW: Tailwind

One of the most popular strategies of this year’s Pokemon VGC’s involved the move Tailwind. Tailwind doubles the Speed stat of the user and all other Pokémon in the player’s party for three turns. Out of the three genies introduced in 5th gen, the pure Flying-type Tornadus is suited to setting up Tailwind. Its ability, Prankster, allows non-attacking moves to gain +1 priority. This allows it to set up Tailwind with ease, and Taunt Trick Room users. It also has a powerful STAB Acrobatics which hits many Pokemon in VGC ‘11 for super effective damage. Let’s break it down in this week’s Move of the Week.



Taunt or Hammer Arm

Protect or Substitute

Item: Flying Gem

Nature: Jolly

EV’s: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe

This set aims to set up Tailwind and stop opposing users of Tailwind and Trick Room from setting up their respective strategies. Tailwind doubles the Speed of Tornadus's teammates for 3 turns. Acrobatics OHKOes non-Coba Berry Amoonguss, Whimsicott, and Virizion. Taunt stops other Tornadus from setting up Tailwind, and can shut down Whimsicott and Pokemon that set up Trick Room. Protect stalls out Trick Room and protects Tornadus while its partner takes out a threat. Substitute can be used, however, to stall out Trick Room for more than one turn since it can be used consecutively. Hammer Arm hits Rock- and Steel-type Pokemon for super effective damage, and if Trick Room goes up, it can bring down Tornadus's Speed, and make it "faster".

The EV spread maximizes Tornadus's Attack and Speed to hit as hard as possible. Jolly nature allows Tornadus to outspeed as many enemies as possible. Flying Gem gives Acrobatics 247 base power the first turn it is used, and once it is used, doubles its 55 Base Power.

Tornadus benefits from having a partner with Fake Out, such as Mienshao, to keep it from being Taunted and to stop other Tailwind users. Mienshao also provides Wide Guard support, stopping Pokemon such as Terrakion from hitting Tornadus with Rock Slide. Haxorus benefits immensely from Tailwind, allowing it to outspeed threats such as Hydregion and utilize its base 147 Attack stat to tear through the opponent. Terrakion has good synergy with Tornadus, taking out Rock and Electric types with Close Combat and Earthquake, while Tornadus takes out the Fighting types that threaten Terrakion.

 Here's a video example of Tailwind being used at VGC's. This video was taken from the Junior's final in Newark.

-It's Super Effective