MOTW: Poison Jab

I’m not gonna lie, this one’s gonna be a shortie. I’ll give you guys a little break from the longer articles like last week’s MOTW and give you a little breather here. If you’re like me you know that poison moves and Pokemon are really effective and useful in your team, but you don’t want to waste a move solely just to poison your opponent, I’ve got the answer for you. This week we’re talking about Poison Jab.

There honestly aren’t that many poison type damaging moves out there, and there are even less physical poison type moves, but Poison Jab is THEE best move out there as far as physical and possibly even special attacks go. It has a power rating of 80 with 100%, which is far superior to Gunk Shot’s 70% accuracy even though it’s power rating is the highest for poison type moves at 120.

Now the thing with moves like Poison Jab is that they’re not even close to 100% poisoning your opponent. I wouldn’t think of it as a complete replacement for a move that would always poison, like Toxic, but more of a decent physical attack that has a decent side-chance of poisoning. In Poison Jab’s case the chance of poisoning is 30%, about as high as it gets for an offensive move.

The sweet thing about Poison Jab is that a TON of Pokemon can learn it. Only 16 can actually learn it by leveling up, but 71 can learn it by using TM 84. There’s a pretty decent chance that one of your party members can learn it, and probably should. If you’ve been looking to add the strategy of poison to your team, Poison Jab is definitely a great starter into utilizing it’s damaging side-effects.

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Hope you guys are all having an awesome holiday, and to make up for the shorty article this week I’ve decided to treat you guys to a little Pokemon video magic. Thanks for reading everybody, and remember...

-It’s Super Effective

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