PKMN of the Week: Golduck


PKMN of the Week is feeling a little under the weather right now (probably because of all the little gals and bros at Pokémon League) so we're going to keep it short.  I'll have to call on a Pokémon with Cloud Nine ability to negate all weather effects.

Earlier today a chill bro asked me for some advice on communicating with the ladies.  Of course, this is like asking a peanut farmer for advice on raising cane but I did the best I could.  From my perspective, chicks are like chill bros except they have like, emotions and stuff.  This puts me in mind of super Pokémon Golduck.


Golduck is like this awesome water-type Pokémon except he can also do the psychic-type attacks.  For many people, Golduck was their first realization that a Pokémon could be one type but also super-pro at other move types (even if he doesn't get STAB).  Golduck can use Surf, yeah, but the surfboard comes from the power of his mind.  Can you dig?

You're all like, I want to run a rain team, but I need some psychic-type pow-pow because Don's team is all poison all the time.  What am I going to do?  Well, I could have a Golduck with Cloud Nine, but that would be negatory on the downpours, so chill on that, bro.  How's about a lil Dream World Swift Swim?  Nice, nice.  Oh, Don threw out Drapion?  Nice base speed stat, bro, but mines got doubled.  Sucks for me that yr immune to psychic-type attacks, though.  What?  Golduck knows Mud Bomb and is holding a Ground Gem?  Dag bro, my bad.  Not!

If you want your Golduck to stay chill make sure he's hangin' in a Master Ball and you are good to go.  Peace.