Screen Pressed Pokémon

A good friend Phil made these guys up. Thought I'd repost his article - SBJ

Look at these beauties. I'm very pleased with these. I've recently thrown myself into screen printing and I'm starting to get to grips with the sciences of colour seperation and registration rather than rely on a technician. This is my latest design - a collection of twelve images based on early Gameboy graphics.

I have a run of 20 of these and I'm selling them off dead cheaply. £10 if you're here in the UK or £15 if you're abroad and that's with the postage. As you can see from the images, some of these prints and pretty straightforward, simple prints whereas others are more experimental with odd colours and multiple squidgee swipes so let me know which end of the spectrum you'd prefer. I think I like the less conventional ones best.

I don't have an online shop so please get in touch if you'd like one.