AOTW: Harvest

What’s up, kids! Welcome back to your weekly Abilities class! I’m sure that many of you have used a strategy that hinges on the use of a held Berry, but it sure sucks when you can only use that strategy once, and even more if you were on your last Berry. I’m sure you can guess- we’re gonna see about fixing that today. This is Ability of the Week: Harvest!
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IOTW: Chesto Berry

Yo, Pokébros. Today we're going to be looking at the Chesto Berry. For those unfamiliar with the Chesto Berry, it wakens a Pokémon from sleep and then is used up.

Before we get into the Chesto Berry's main strategical uses, here are a few tidbits you might not know. When a Pokémon with a Chesto Berry uses Natural Gift, the move that changes depending on which berry is held, the result is a 60 power water move with 100% accuracy.

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