Travis' RU Spectacular, Round 1

Here's your round 1 matchups for my RU tournament. Make sure your teams are ready on Showdown so that we can get to round two soon. If any of you have rule questions about your matches, I can make an excecutive decision if you tweet the situation to me @TheTravisW . If I find that the winner broke some rule or another (Using a non-RU Pokémon, for example,) we'll do a rematch.

You'll notice that there are a few PKMNcastmembers among the roster. Two of them, specifically, Kidd (@KiddStarck) and Will (@WashInTheSink.) Because there's an awkward number of people in this tourney (14, which means that next round there will be an odd number of matches,) if you lose to either Kidd or Will, both participants in the match will carry on, and you will face whoever played the other PKMNcastmember. That way there will be 8 players (four matches) for round 2. If both PKMNcastmembers are defeated Round 1 (seriously, Kidd. I thought I taught you better than that.) then both winners advance I'll just have to give someone a round two bye based on a roll of the dice. 

Contact your opponent on Twitter to figure out what time the two of you can fit in a battle, and hopefully you can get the match through in a few days. If your opponent takes too long to respond, tweet me and I'll figure something out. Here are the matchups:

Kelly White (@KellsterCartier) Vs. Rockendorf (@TheRockendorf)

Victoria Zimmerman (@BiggestB2KFan) Vs. Mike Hobbs (MikeHobbs2)

Jerrad Willis (@MyNameIsJard) Vs. Kidd Starck (@KiddStarck)

Will Anderson (WashinTheSink) Vs. Louis Tighe (@LouisTighe)

Justin Vidal (@JstinFTW) Vs. Zombimonky (@Zombimonky)

Arjuna Chatrathi (@Brishma99) Vs. Shawn (@RocketManShawn)

Steven Horn (@TorterraLord) Vs. William Loor (@WilliamLoor1)

So that's it, get to battling! I'll make another post when Round 2 can begin. See ya!

OH! I almost forgot! Have fun and be nice to each other!