Dragon's Exalted is Crown Status

The trainer has used a revive! TCG Articles are back!

Hey Everybody! I know I’ve been MIA for a while and to be honest it’s because there is a lull in the TCG right now. We’re waiting for the Pokemon World Tournament to happen and since I’m not at Worlds, this year, I don’t really have much input to provide. BUT new horizons have started to arise and it is prerelease time for Dragons Exalted, the next set. Big picture excitement, we’re getting a new type which hasn’t happened since Neo Genesis. The new type is the forever favored Dragon type.

If you attend a prerelease you’ll pick up the prerelease promo card, which is Altaria, a super strong support pokemon for dragon types. Other dragons in the set include 2 different Garchomp, Rayquaza EX, Giratina EX and two different Hydreigon. Dragon pokemon have been dominating Japan’s tournaments so if you open these I think they’re worth hanging onto at least until the first battle roads.

Other cards getting hype are the new Ninetails which has a pokepower when you play it from your had to switch your opponents active with one of their bench. Also the new item card Tool Scrapper is looking like a new staple in every deck. Mew EX has the ability to use any attack of any pokemon in play, which could be powerful. I think where Mew EX really wins is its attack that allows you to rearrange all of the energy on your pokemon. Since we’re losing Shaymin this may be a pretty huge game changing attack that a lot of people are overlooking because of Mew’s awesome ability.

Over all I think this will be an exciting set. We’ve got a slew of new EX’s with new strategy and new types to explore. If you aren’t excited yet get to a prerelease and get on my level about this set. This set is going to be a game changer.