POTW: Cryogonal

Remember this thing? Pokémon of the Week articles? It's been a while since we've had one, so I thought I'd give you all a holiday present by writing one. I know what you're thinking. "But, Travis! You are supposed to only write Rare Article!" Well, guess what? YOU CAN'T PUT ME IN A BOX. I CAN DO WHAT I WANT!

Woah. That got a little heated. Let's cool things down with Cyrogonal, shall we? 

Chapter 1: In the Video Games, Or: Apparently I Can't Stop Using this Awkward Chapter Format

EV Spread: 252 in Speed, 252 in Sp. Attack, 6 in HP. You don't need any in Sp. Def, because even with this spread, it has a 306 in Sp. Def at level 100 with perfect IVs.

As you can see, in singles Cryogonal can be a great rapid spinner, sweeper, and can cover his physical defense weakness with Acid Armor. In doubles, he works great on hail teams.

Chapter 2: In the TCG, Or: I Have no Expertise About the TCG so Don't Kill Me if I Say Dumb Things

There are two versions of Cryogonal. Here they are (courtesy of Pokebeach):

The edition on your right has a great move for only one water energy. Essentially, you can use your attack and have the effect of a Pokémon Catcher. Cryogonal's second attack is interesting too, and can be used well with Reuniclus, as SBJ mentioned on It's Super Effective's 60th episode. Funnel damage onto Cryogonal with Reuniclus, then use Frost Vanish to bring Cyrogonal back to your hand and make that damage disappear. The Cryogonal card on the left is essentially designed to OHKO Donphan. Apparently that's like a big deal or something. I'll take SBJ's word for it.


I know what you're thinking, again. "Travis, are you going to write more POTW articles?" No promises. Catch'ya later.