Rare Article: 3 Things Newer Competitive Players Miss

Beginning to understand competitive battling mechanics is, actually, pretty easy. It's fully mastering competitive strategy that gets very, very tough. I am by no means an expert (that last clause is pronounced "please don't make me feel sad by yelling at me if I get something wrong,) but here are three things that I've learned during my time playing Pokémon competitively that weren't very obvious at first.
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Rare Article: Video Battle

I'm a tad busy this week preparing for MGC this weekend, but I didn't want to leave you folks hanging without a Rare Article, so I thought I'd post a battle video I did with David. You can learn more from a battle than some lousy Rare Article. You know what they say, after all. A battle video is worth a thousand words. I think that's what they say, at least.