In January, I realized that I needed to find an easy way to keep up on Pokemon, news, events, etc.  I drive about 30 mins each way to work and so I decided to search for a podcast.  I typed Pokemon into iTunes and had a few podcasts to listen to.  As I was searching I didn't find any that updated enough or were around long enough that I could be a "loyal" listener, except one.  It's Super Effective.  This had been going for 6 months and updated each week.  I listened to the first episode and 25th episode and I was hooked.  SBJ's first episode showed me that he wanted to do this podcast because this was his passion and as I scrolled through all the episodes it was evident that he was committed.  I then went to the website and the rest was history.  I knew I wanted to be a part of this anyway possible.  Luckily enough I was chosen as an editor and have had my dream come true to be part of this wonderful site and podcast.  SBJ is a very rare character.  Nowhere else will you find a host a podcast bring up other podcasts and tell you to go listen to them.  I love the breaks where he introduces music.  What an innovative idea to add more Pokemon into the podcast.  His personality sold me.  

The biggest thing that this podcast has done for me was to help me finally get the courage enough to admit to others around me that I play Pokemon.  I am almost 30 and I am in my career.  My peers don't look to kindly on people who play "kids" games but I wore my Plusle, Poliwhirl, and Japan shirt to work and I was astonished how many people knew what Pokemon was and actually liked it.  I've been able to find so many people that like Pokemon that I have created a Salt Lake chapter of the Pokemon Podcast.  I call it SLCPokemon and is on Facebook ( and Twitter (@SLCPokemon).  Today at work was "Wear Your Team Plasma Shirt Day."  It was awesome because EVERYONE wanted to know what it was and what it meant and our SLCPokemon club keeps growing.  All thanks to SBJ and the Pokemon Podcast.

One year down and many more to go.