New Article to Debut on the Site!

Hi Guys!

I feel like I haven't written to you in a while. First off, this will be my last post for the week. I am moving to a new place this weekend, so I will be a bit busy. Secondly, due to the location of the new place, I'm not sure how recordings will go, so be prepared if you don't get one next week, but do plan on an episode to drop before the weekend. So I apologize in advance. I'll actually be in between places, so come August, I will have a permanent solution again. 

Now to the stuff you care about. I plan on getting a lot of things ready before a certain date that keeps getting mentioned... cough... cough... #May1st. Don't worry, this post is not going to answer your questions about that day, but please save the date because we plan to reveal more then one new thing. With that being said, we are letting you know one thing early. 

We are starting a new article on the site called: Rustling Grass.

Rustling Grass is like a digital version of ExtremeSpeed, except in word form. Since we are dedicated to bringing together the best Pokémon Community on the web, Rustling Grass will be a weekly article focused on one of our members of the site. Any member can answer questions provided by us so the community can get a better understanding of whom they are. Maybe you share the same Pokémon in common, maybe you both play the same TCG deck, maybe your also looking for help planning for VGCs... the possibilities are endless. 

Since ExtremeSpeed is so popular, why not take that in another direction, to you, the fans? Want to share your Pokémon background too? Stay tuned for more details soon and watch for Rustling Grass. ;)

If you guys need to get in touch with me, please message me on Twitter @pokemonpodcast or e-mail me!

Thanks for all your support!

-SBJ aka Steve
Founder of PKMNcast 

Templates for Rustling Grass will be available soon! Keep your eyes peeled!

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