Message from "SBJ"

Hey Guys!

First off, I want to thank all of the fans. I posted on my personal Twitter last night about some recent stuff going on... some good... some bad... The point of the matter is, you guys, the Fans, are the reason I wake up in the morning, the reason I stay up late working on the site, you guys are the reason I keep pushing through everyday. On a personal level, I’ve had a lot of dramatic changes in my life that have left me more so heartbroken then anything. While I feel like I am a strong person, I don’t think my days would go as well without hearing, talking, and communicating with you guys. So thank you all so much. 

Your probably wondering why I am taking time out of your busy schedule to write a letter. Usually it’s informing you that I’m taking a vacation, doing maintenance, announcing something new, etc. Today’s letter is a little bit different. A lot of changes happened very fast this week, and since you guys give so much to me, I wanted to let you know what happened. 

Two of our recent editors, Alan (Team Tactics) and Catie (Saturday Sketch) have decided to part ways from our PKMNcast staff. Both of them outstanding people, and I hated to see them go. Alan started off writing the Breeding 101 articles and moved on to doing Team Tactics. I loved these articles. Alan is one of the most clever, witty, well-balanced dudes I’ve ever met. On an internet level, I felt like I’ve known him forever. He is so talented, and I wish him best of luck in the future. Catie was someone I did meet in real life. She was amazingly funny and so energetic. She shared memories from Anime Milwaukee to the Midwest Gaming Classic with us (it was awesome). Catie will continue her gaming talk with Press Pause Radio. I will speak for the whole cast when I say this, we will miss you!

Let’s continue our adventure further.  

There was a little bit of debate over the artwork for Leftovers last night. I don’t need to go into detail. I just want to say this. The album artwork was not something I threw together in 10 mins. I spent over two hours researching colors, and I found one I am quite proud of. The Cofagrigus was one of the few Unova Pokémon to fit the color zaffre perfectly. On top of that, he was chosen to compliment Gengar. Old school Ghost vs new school Ghost. I love the design of the artwork, and while Cofagrigus may have stirred debate like Jynx did in 1999, it was not picked to offend or stereotype anyone.

I would like to remind both our old and new fans that Pokémon Podcast brings you unique articles that you can’t find anywhere else. Everyone who works on the site has volunteered to help and contribute making the best Pokémon site out there. None of us get paid, we do this because we love Pokémon. Since we started the site in July of 2010, we opened a PKMNstore. This store uses it’s funds to create more product for you guys. Any extra money goes to prizes, like the Pikachu DS Charger we gave away, and/or is saved for event expos we can attend to meet you guys, the fans. PKMNcast does not use this money for profit. Recently, PKMNcast has raised over $200 for Japan Relief that we will be donating soon. 

It’s been a late night. A very stressful day. I am returning to the nearest Pokémon Center. Again, I love all of my fans. What would make my day is your comments below

Also, I can’t wait until June 1st. Leftovers.

Thanks for your time,

Steve aka SBJ
Editor in Chief