AOTW: Huge Power and Pure Power

How’s it going, trainers and trainerettes? Your portly purveyor of potent passive pokémon powers is back this week with some peculiar “P”-themed wordplay and yet another Ability of the Week! A couple of weeks ago we recorded episode 40 of It’s Super Effective, and went over a whopping five featured teams. During the episode, we talked about Pierre’s team, and his Cubone. You’ll notice the held item, Thick Club attached to Cubone. This item doubles the Attack stat of Cubone and its evolution, Marowak. And I thought to myself, “Man, Wil. You need to be not so fat.” But then I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was an Ability with the same effect as the Thick Club?” Well, after I gave up on the notion of not being so fat (this is America, after all), I found not one, but TWO Abilities that can do the same thing as the Thick Club for your pokémon. Settle in, this is Ability of the Week: Huge Power AND Pure Power!

Huge Power and its big brother Ability, Pure Power have precisely the same effect: doubling your pokémon’s Attack stat. The difference is that Huge Power has an Achilles’ heel in that if your opponent has the Ability Trace, or uses the moves Skill Swap or Role Play on you, the bonus decreases from a 100% boost to a 50% boost. Pure Power does not share this weakness.

Huge Power and Pure Power are both very rare Abilities. Both of these guys are exclusive to an evolutionary line. Pure Power is the only natural Ability found in the Medicham line, while Huge Power is the secondary Ability found in the Azumarill family. When it comes to Medicham, its base Attack stat of 60 is boosted to 120, while Azumarill finds his base of 50 cranked to a respectable 100. Of course, this means that you’ll want to concentrate on physical attacks over special on either of these guys. That means going with a move like Waterfall over Surf, and breeding Psycho Cut onto Medicham rather than TMing on Psychic. Do this, and watch your pokémon hit harder than Ivan Drago.

Just a short one this week, but with such a straightforward set of Abilities, it’s a little tough to stretch that into a decent-length article. Should probably come up with something to fix that problem… See you next week, pokémaniacs…


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