Do you have a Microphone?

Do you have a microphone and want to be a part of something cool for the Pokémon Podcast? Great! PKMNcast is starting something new, and well... we want you to help us build hype for this. So here is what you can do it help. If you have a microphone, say any or all of these words. Now remember, leave a good pause in between the phrases so it will be easy for me to cut and edit. Here are the phrases:

"June 1st"
"It's Super Effective"
"Life Orb"
"Rare Candy"

Hopefully you can't put together the final product. But hey, your going to help in something that is going to be HUGE. Anyone who records these words and send the mp3 files to will get a bundle of FREE buttons and stickers. And remember, you can't buy those buttons anywhere!

If you have any questions, please let me know! I need these sound bites before the weekend!

Thanks fans! -sbj