Top Cut

Milwaukee Cities for the Pokémon TCG was this past weekend. This was probably the best tournament that @WhimsyTackle crew placed in. Most importantly, I wanted to give our TCG Editor, Vinnie, a huge shout out. Vinnie is the first and only member in our group to place and get Top Cut. For those of you who don't play the TCG, Top Cut is the final rounds of the tournament(s). While Vinnie didn't go all the way to the end, it was still a huge accomplishment. Congrats Vinnie!

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I would also like to take a moment to apologize about the lack of a Podcast. We've been trying to get a pretty huge Pokémon dude on the episode, but schedules keep conflicting. We will have a new show by the end of the week, we promise! As well as 3 more shows this month. We are dedicated to bring you 4 more shows before 2012!