Day Two

It's only my second day, but I sure have had a lot of adventures!

Morning: 10:09 AM

It’s been a long morning. Lots of training and slowly making my way out of Mt. Moon. It’s very dark in there. I swear I walked around in circles down there for hours. I eventually made my way out after bumping my head and stubbing my toes several times on the walls. I made the decision to head to Cerulean City and heal my Pokémon. Got to say, though, ever since I received the Helix fossil, I’ve had this strange feeling that I'm being watched, but I know I'm ready for anything! I have Abby, Pidgey, my Pokédex, and the Helix to guide me!

Late Morning: 11:30 AM

I’ve encountered quite a few Pokémon on my travels, but none have taken my fancy. Until now. I ran into a Rattata. The most beautiful Rattata ever, his large and unusually bulbous chin seemed to exemplify his strength and prowess. I examined a moon stone I found back in the mountain, maybe this Rattata was being affected by its power. But, there were no answers to be found. I felt the urge to consult the Helix a few times, then threw a PokéBall and then another. Finally, I landed that sweet, sweet capture.  Rattata is now part of the team. I’ve taken to calling him Jay Leno. For some reason, it just seems to suit him.

Note to self: How did I come up with “Jay Leno”? Weird.

Afternoon: 2:23 PM

Misty's Water-type Gym awaits my challenge! I again caught myself day dreaming about fighting the Cerulean City Gym Leader, only to once again awaken in the Pokémon Center. I decided that if I was even losing in my day dreams I should probably head to the nearest patch of grass to train. The training session wasn’t fruitless. PIDGEY EVOLVED!!! He became enveloped in what I can only describe as a bright white light and emerged as a Pidgeotto! He looks so awesome. Time to challenge Misty!

Note to self: It’s a good thing I have such vivid dreams, That’s how I’ve been able to win all my Gym battles the first time around!

Late Afternoon: 6:50 PM

After a lot of training, healing and touring the city for the 23rd time, I went to battle Misty. She’s not too happy with me. Earlier I decided that I didn’t want the moon stone anymore so I tossed it into her pool. Anyway, it was a long and arduous battle. The Helix was my rock, literally and figuratively. With some guidance from the Helix, Pidgeotto knocked Staryu out easily and slowly wore Starmie down with a full barrage of sand attack, quick attack and gust. I have found that trusting the Gust is wise. In the end I was down to Abby who saw Starmie off easily, as Starmie couldn’t get a hit in. With the destruction of Starmie , the Cascade badge was mine. Pidgeotto was an amazing help this time around. I would even go as far as to say that he and his sand attack were our saving grace.

Note to self: I’ve decided to call Pidgeotto “Bird Jesus” from now on.

Late Night: 11:00 PM

After a trip to the north of Cerulean, several trainer battles and so many ledges,(I really have to control myself a bit better, especially around ledges) I got to visit a man named Bill. I had an instant distrust of him because the first time I saw him he looked like this strange domed insect. Don’t Trust Domes. I helped him out, well aware that the Helix fossil was glowing brightly in my bag. He gave me a ticket to board a ship called the S.S. Anne for my trouble. I felt his eyes on the back of my head as I left. I decided the best course of action was to head back to Cerulean City , where I discovered a Team Rocket member robbing a house. I quickly defeated him and looked to head south to Vermillion City. But that has to wait until Tomorrow.

Note to self: Never trust the Dome! Also, I caught a Rattata, he looks like a digger. I think I’ll call him Digrat!