Day One

This is it, the moment I've been waiting for!

Early Morning: 7:00 AM

Today I start my adventure. I was so excited when Mom told me I’d gotten a letter from Professor Oak.  He asked if I would meet him in his lab today, to choose my first Pokémon. I can't wait!  

Note to self: Don’t overreact when you meet Professor Oak. He may be your idol, but that’s no excuse to swoon over him!

Early Morning: 8:15 AM

Well, when I finally arrived at Professor Oak's lab, he was nowhere to be found. However, I did run into his grandson, Blue. He's still as competitive as ever. Blue can be a real jerk sometimes, which probably explains why his grandpa can never remember his name! (Ha-Ha) I eventually got tired of waiting around for Professor Oak, so I decided it was best to leave the lab and look for him myself. After some time searching the town I found him near the entrance to Route 1. Just as I was about to step into the tall grass, he showed up! He scolded me for attempting to enter the grass without protection. We had a short discussion and headed back to the lab.

Note to self: Remember that name joke! Oh! and always have Protection!

Mid-Morning: 10:15 AM

An errand. Of all things, he wanted me to run a simple errand. I was a bit let down, to be honest. But after he explained it in more detail, I realized that this was a test. He wanted me to pick up a parcel from the Viridian City PokéMart. As a reward for this errand, I got to choose a travel partner. Oak explained the value of a trainer's first Pokémon. I had a choice of Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle. It didn't take me long to choose, there was something about Charmander that just spoke to me. After choosing a suitable nickname for my Charmander and a quick battle with Blue, I left. It doesn’t matter who won, I just wanted to get this task out of the way and start my adventure. I quickly ran off to Viridian City to complete Oak's errand and return with the silly parcel.

Note to self: If the Professor asks, the parcel was open when I got it. Yeah, that’s it. It was already open. Totally didn’t look, nope.... nope...

Afternoon: 1:30 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 11.35.01 PM.png

After I returned, Oak opened the parcel and handed me something called a Pokédex. It's supposed to automatically catalog all of the Pokémon I encounter! Neat! Afterwards, I received a handful of PokéBalls and went on my way. I caught my first wild Pokémon, a Pidgey, whose name I decided to keep for now. I can tell Pidgey is a great Pokémon, I really get the feeling that this one will make a difference.

Mid-Afternoon: 3:48 PM

My walk through Viridian city was tiresome. I found myself lost at points and I swear it seemed like I was going around in circles. I met a crazy old man who taught me how to catch Pokémon. Clearly he didn't see the two PokéBalls dangling from my belt. But still, I reluctantly listened to his advice. Afterwards, I went through Viridian Forest and encountered a bunch of Bug type Pokémon, but there was nothing that really caught my eye.

Note to self: I need to go back someday and ask one of those Bug Catchers where they got those sweet hats!

Late Afternoon: 7:14 PM

Pewter city was the next destination. I healed the team, and then toured the city once or twice (Okay, It may have been closer to three or four). My main objective was the Gym battle with Brock. The trainers inside were no problem at all, but the hardest battle had yet to come. Brock pushed me, Abby (my Charmander), and Pidgey to our limits. I had a couple of strange lapses in memory . . .I was probably day dreaming . . . but I kept waking up in the Pokémon Center. I finally managed to acquire the Boulder Badge. We shook hands and I left, of course forgetting to heal my team before we started our ascent of Mt. Moon (Must be that weird memory thing). For the most part, the cave was a bust. It turned out just to be a labyrinth of tunnels and Zubats.

Note to self: I don’t see why everyone hates Zubat so much, I think they’re kind of charming. Might have to catch one . . . or three. Later, though.

Night:  10:26 PM

Upon arrival, I discovered that this place was filled with hikers and other trainers who were definitely not wearing clothes fit for walking around in caves. There were an awful lot of strange people in Mt. Moon, including a group wearing all black with a huge red "R" plastered on their chests. They were very rude and most of them challenged me to battles. I think one guy said he was part of the missile gang, or something like that. Either way, I dispatched them fairly quickly thanks to Abby, whom I might add evolved at the end of the battle!

Note to self: Find out more about this Missile Gang.

Midnight : 12:00 AM

Well, We headed deeper into the caves, and I've been checking every corner. I can't help but feel as if a powerful presence is calling to me. I find that looking through the Pokédex is comforting, the entry on Squirtle especially so. Its short, quiet cry is very soothing in this desolate place. After following this strange presence for some time I came across a man in all white. I don't  remember what he said to me, but I do remember battling him.  When I won, he said I could choose between two ancient relics. These relics, I was told, were the remains of two ancient Pokémon. I felt drawn to the intricate and chaotic design of the Helix fossil. With an outstretched hand, I snagged the stone shell from the clutches of the man in white. I can sense a great power from this fossil, I’ve decided that it will forever symbolize the strength of my team. I will confer with the Helix, I feel as though it understands me. I must go, until Tomorrow.