Day Three

Praise Helix!

Early Morning: 4:35 AM

Well, I headed down to Vermillion, and checked out some of the tall grass near the city. I managed to catch a new Pokémon I had never seen. A Drowzee, I think it was called. Even the name makes me want to fall asleep.  I also managed to catch a Spearow, which was pretty exciting. These guys are pretty tough from what I've seen.

Note to self: Figure out what Drowzee is staring at so blankly.

Morning: 9:37 AM 

I ran into Blue again, and, of course, he wanted to battle. He really is a persistent guy. I wonder if he thinks he's got something to prove. I did manage to sneak in my joke about Oak never remembering his name. Boy, was he furious! It gave me a good laugh!

Note to self: Tell Oak my joke. Hey! That rhymed!

Late Morning: 11:14

Hey Journal, I have a major update! I just traded for this amazing Pokémon. It's a Farfetch'd named Dux! I was so excited to get him that when I went to teach Digrat Cut, I accidently taught it to Dux instead. But that's okay, Dux has really sharp wings. I think it was better suited to him anyways. I was so excited to test out Dux's cutting abilities that I ran to the nearest tree and had Dux hack away! Man, he's impressive!

Note to self: Find more stuff to cut!

Afternoon: 3:30 PM

Well, after a long day, I finally made it to the Vermillion City Gym. There were these trash cans lined up everywhere. I think they were supposed to be some kind of test, but I just blew straight through them like they were nothing. Everyone was shocked, I didn't see what the big deal was. I made my way up to this Lt. Surge guy.  He was surprisingly not all that tough. I'm obviously getting stronger by the day!

Note to self: A thought occurred to me . . . Whose idea was it to let ten year olds go exploring the world by themselves? Seems irresponsible if you ask me!

Late Afternoon: 7:49 PM

Well, Journal, After successfully getting my Thunder Badge from Lt. Surge I decided I'd celebrate by letting Dux cut down some more trees! Man, Cut sure is awesome! It's like having my own personal lumberjack! It looks like I'm about to enter into a maze of ledges. I can't imagine this will be fun. Well, Journal, until tomorrow. I need some time to myself tonight.

Note to self: I had this terrible dream that my entire journey had restarted. Luckily I awoke before anything unfortunate happened.