Day Twelve

A day care laying before me on a tall hill! I think I shall tackle it! I can't wait for my new adventure.

Early Morning: 7:16 AM

The Pokémon daycare was right in front of me, but I was having some trouble reaching it. Once I curved around the top of the hill, I had to walk back down at a slightly different angle in order to reach the entrance. I kept tumbling down the hill. I returned to the top again, fell back down, went back up, fell back down, checked Bulbasaur’s Pokédex entry for advice, went back up… I couldn’t win. 

After enough tries, I had decided that it simply wasn't meant to be and was about to give up. However, on my last try, praise Helix, I found sure footing and strolled into the day care.

Note to self: Seek Bulbasaur’s guidance and wisdom more often!

I was greeted at the counter by a man offering to take my Pokémon and train them while I was gone! What an amazing idea!  At first I thought about giving him our savior Bird Jesus, but it occurred to me that there was probably very little this old man could teach a messiah.  I thought about giving him Drowzee as well, but Rick Gastly seemed more deserving of some extra nurturing.  Besides, Drowzee has been useful in keeping the evils of Flareon away from the purity that is the Helix fossil.

Late Morning: 11:15 AM

I travelled back into the city for the Pokémon center and healed my team. I then addressed the PC. I withdrew my Pokéflute from the PC, and just to be safe, I also took Surf, Strength, and the Lift Key. I felt these were needed. I also withdrew my Nidorino, The Fonz.  I put DashBat into the PC and withdrew Battery Jesus, the second coming of the Helix fossil’s greatness.  Happy with my team, I headed to my next destination.

Note to self: Try to figure out WHERE the feelings are coming from. Am I psychic? Or losing it?

Early Afternoon: 2:30 PM

I decided to start my journey to Cinnabar Island to try to obtain the seventh gym badge from Blaine. The path through Mt. Moon was mostly unmemorable.  When emerging on the Pewter City side, I sped through without revisiting Brock or the museum. I had better stuff to do.

I didn’t stay in Viridian for that long, just long enough to accidentaly make The Fonz evolve into a Nidoking by combing him with the Moon Stone.  Who knew that would happen?

Note to self: Keep items with unknown outcomes AWAY from Pokémon.... What if it had been the Helix?

Mid Afternoon: 4:00 PM

It was a short jaunt down Route 1, but then I was home again: Pallet Town. I visited Blue's sister Daisy, and spent some time with my mom. However, after a few hours, I knew it was time to move on to Cinnabar Island.

Man what a ride! The waves were too strong for me and Lapras! However, Air Jordan and I were saved by two men on a raft who immediately challenged us to a Pokémon battle. Eventually the waves died down enough for us to leave the raft and we continued on our way.

Note to self: A raft could be a useful investment. A travelling battle ground!

Evening: 7:40 PM

Upon arriving on the island, I went to the research facility. Although I couldn’t help any of the trainers wanting to trade Pokémon, there was a very interesting individual in his own room at the end of a corridor. 

He was a researcher that built a machine to resurrect fossils! Might I get to meet my great Lord Helix?? I rushed to the PC to deposit some of my team to make room for my Lord. In the heat of the moment I accidently released a few Zubats, but I finally  managed to deposit my Drowzee and get back to the doctor.

After much anticipation the doctor handed me my Savior, now a glorious Omanyte! Once far enough away from the research center, I examined Omanyte. While I couldn’t believe that he was truly a god in such a small mortal form, I felt something awe-inspiring when I held him in my hands. I decided I would head off to the Cinnabar Mansion to give it a once over.

Note to self: Praise Lord Helix! Or... wait. Is that still his name?

So, that’s what happened today. I’m currently under a table in the Cinnabar Mansion because there’s this man who’s walking around in front of me shouting about his lost partner and he seems dangerous.

Until tomorrow...