Day Eleven

I had planned to start my day going to get my Volcano badge, but now I'm looking forward to making it to the Power Plant! Who knows what lays ahead!

Morning: 7:15 AM

I started my day travelling down Route 5 towards my destination. A tree stood in my way, and for the life of me, I could not remember how to get past it. After trying to toss the super rod, and playing a tune to dance the tree away, I recalled that Cabbage the Gloom could get rid of this issue. I used Cut, and was on my way to Route 9.

Route 9 was confusing. I couldn't find my way for a long time. For some reason, I was having trouble remembering where the Power plant was! I even went to a Pokémon center to look for some directions, and it was no help at all. Finally I recalled, north of course! I finally got to the shore. I called out Air Jordan climbed aboard, and headed to the power plant.

Note to self: Sure glad I did not evolve that creepy Eevee into Vaporeon, Lapras gives such a nice, dry ride.

Late Morning: 10:58 AM

Hopping on shore, I saw it... the Power Plant, but it was so empty!

There’s no one in here. Pokémon, yes. Magnetons, Magnemites, Pikachu, Voltorbs. But no people. Oh, and two Electabuzz! I’d never seen those before!

I slowly made my way through the weaving Power Plant. Where in the world was Kanto's electricity coming from? I had to wonder if there was another source.

And then I saw it. Immediately upon viewing it, I knew this is what I had been called here for. A giant bird, radiating electricity, and floating in the air. Lord Helix knew this Bird was the key to my victory.

Note to self: Didn’t the Silph President say this Masterball could catch ANY Pokémon??

Early Afternoon: 12:30 PM

According to my Pokédex, the Pokémon was named Zapdos. Bird Jesus was the first to face him. At first, I decided the best way to capture Zapdos was to bribe him. I showed him my S.S. Anne ticket, but Professor Oak reminded me that it was not the time or place for bribery.

I then tried: my lift key, HM01, the super rod, my card key, etc, etc... Man the Zapdos was one tough cookie. Professor Oak reminded me that there was a time and place for everything and I remembered. My Master ball! I threw it at Zapdos, hoping, praying....

And, thank Helix, he was caught!!!

Late Afternoon: 4:25 PM 

I couldn’t wait to get Zapdos on my team, he was the Pokémon that could lead me to victory.  I left the Power Plant, excited to retrieve him from Bill’s PC. As I left, to my surprise, there was a Pokémaniac. He wanted to battle. His Rhyhorn and Lickitung were beaten by All Terrain Venomoth and The Keeper very easily. I went back into the Power Plant, and a Magnemite attacked. I awoke at the Pokémon center, very confused. No matter, I was back to a PC, so I could finally get Zapdos.

Technology is amazing, but also confusing. I tried for hours to find a way to retrieve my Zapdos. After already releasing Jay Leno and Abby under the influence of the False Prophet Flareon, I was a bit afraid to use the PC. But it had to be done. I tried tinkering with it, and I got it to the point where there was room in my party, all I needed to do was retrieve Zapdos.

The PC released my Venonat, frustrating, but I got Zapdos out nonetheless. I went to Rock Tunnel to try him out. Zapdos performed well, but I only had three Pokémon in my party, so I needed to return to the PC. Hopefully, whatever bug was there would be fixed.

Note to self: Be more careful on the PC selection screen!

Evening: 7:14 PM

The PC is still not working well. I deposited my Geodude, but then, my other Venonat! Released? What could be happening? And then an Exeggcute, a Paras, a Venonat, and a Nidoran. There went so much of my work gone! I had to take a walk, but then when I went to my PC again, I released Cabbage! No!

After pacing around the Pokémon Center in agony over losing my companions, I returned yet again to the PC. And the PC malfunctioned yet again, releasing King Leer and Geodude. Two more Nidoran released. I tried to console myself. 11 Pokémon lost to a malfunctioning PC? How could this even be?

I knew what I needed... Bigdig! Yet, the PC's cruel tricks were played again, and he was released.

I raged. Bill! He was suspicious from the start. How could I not see it before! He must have been a saboteur. He made this PC system that was releasing my Pokémon at an alarming rate.

Despite all of my rage and agony over my lost Pokémon, I knew I had to keep going. I had heard that there was a research facility that could revive the great Lord Helix, and a daycare that could watch over some of my Pokémon. With a heavy heart, I moved on.

Note to self: Maybe Lord Helix will smile upon me tomorrow... this truly was a bloody day. I now understand, the PC must be fueled solely off of the blood of innocent Pokémon. It all makes sense.

Despite today being such a terrible occurrence, I can only hope that tomorrow will be better. Wish me luck, Journal.