Day Thirteen

Round and around and around I go, when I get out of this mansion, even I don't know!

Early Morning: 6:53 AM

I'm still trapped in this crazy mansion. I'm searching for a key, so I can finally get my next badge, but it's not going so well.  With each and every step, there seems to be another wild encounter with some very poisonous foes. Eventually, I couldn't walk anymore, exhausted, everything faded into darkness.

I awoke in the Pokémon Center, very confused. I decided to try and tackle the mansion again since I needed the key to the gym. The poison seemed a lot less dangerous this time for some reason.  The few savage Pokémon that I encountered stood no chance against the Great Helix and Bird Jesus. It wasn't easy, but we did it.

Note to self: Thank the Helix for his power and cunning in the Mansion.

Midday: 12:15 PM

Finally, I had found the key to the gym! I haphazardly entered, and much to my surprise: the gym was completely white! White walls, white ceiling, white fluorescent lighting. It reminded me of one of those quarantined laboratories.

There were lots of weirdos in Blaine's gym, with lots of questions, but they didn't really seem important to me. The trainers scattered about the gym weren't much of a challenge for my team, but the continuous fighting did wear them down. Soon all of my friends were exhausted, save for my Zapdos and Bird Jesus.

Note to self: Are the walls getting whiter? Brighter? Creepy.

Afternoon: 2:05 PM

Finally, the end of the lab was in sight! In front of me stood a bald man with a white coat and funny mustache. He announced himself as Blaine, the gym leader and lead scientist of the lab. Surely his fire Pokémon would be no match for my powerfully trained team!

Blaine's first four Pokémon quickly fell to my Zapdos, but Blaine's last Pokémon was the Legendary Pokémon, Arcanine. Arcanine held his own in battle at first, but Zapdos finished him off for the victory. Finally, I received the Volcano Badge!

Note to self: I’m certain that Solar Beam wasn’t important...

Evening: 7:45 PM

After leaving the gym, I decided it was high time to visit home and headed for Pallet town. Once there, I addressed my PC and deposited some things just to lighten my load a little for the road. However, I decided it would be wise to carry my Pokéflute, just in case.

After spending a little more time at home, I decided to continue my journey. I left my house on the road to Viridian City. Once there, I healed my Pokémon up and prepared to get my last badge!

Note to self: Almost to the Indigo League!

Well Journal, I am off to prepare myself for the last gym battle I will face! Wish me luck.