Day Four

This day was about as frustrating as a day could possibly get. Ledges and Gust do not mix!

Morning: 8:32 AM

My day began where it ended, stuck in that maddening maze. I could see the exit from my vantage point, but getting to it was easier said than done. At first I thought it would be fun to jump from the ledge, But it soon became clear that intense focus was going to be needed to find my way out of this maze alive. I thought I had a clever idea, I asked Pidgeotto to use Gust and blow me to the other side. It tragically only ended with me in the wrong spot, left to find my way back to the entrance. However, after several hours, I managed to free myself.  As soon as I finally escaped I realized that I had to tackle the Rock Tunnel. I somehow doubted the light from my Pokédex would suffice this time around.

Note to self: They should name a movie after my time in the maze. They could call it “The Ledgening”.

Afternoon: 1:40 PM

The cave was pitch black, so I charged in blindly, resulting in a few stubbed toes. My team was fighting well, which was good. We managed to make it through the rock tunnel, but not without some bumps and bruises. But our perseverance finally led us to Lavender Town. This town sure is eerie.

Note to self: I could have sworn I saw a white hand on my shoulder. I need to get out of this place!

Late Night 11:17 PM

We took refuge in the west, and while battling other trainers, Bird Jesus ascended to his final form. He has progressively become a more prominent team member, a Messiah, if you will. After experiencing the glorious final form of Bird Jesus, I decided it was best to head through the underground tunnel and onwards to Celadon City. Erika was my next target! It took some time, but we finally found that pesky bush that needed to be cut to gain access to Celadon’s Gym. Erika’s apprentice trainers proved very powerful, this leads me to believe we should rest and try to take on this gym leader tomorrow.

Note to self: Find some good places for Dux to practice his cutting abilities!