Day Fourteen

I’m very excited for today! Once I beat the Viridian City Gym Leader, I’ll have all eight badges and I’ll be allowed to compete in the Indigo League!

Early Morning: 4:00 AM

So… this is pretty embarrassing. I’ve spent the last two hours or so pacing back and forth in front of the gym. I’m too nervous to go in because this is apparently the strongest leader in the whole Kanto region.

Maybe I can’t do this. I’ve tried a few times now and all I want to do is quit. I walked in, paced, and walked right back out. I was so nervous I fell down a ledge! Thank goodness Lord Helix was not hurt. I walked into the gym, and was so flustered again that I jumped right back down that ledge again.

Note to self: I didn’t break my ankle this time, but watch out for those pesky ledges!

Perfect Noon:

I’m furious! It turns out that Giovanni was the Viridian City Gym Leader the whole time! He’s been using the gym as a secret base and source of income for Team Rocket. That’s it. This ends now.

I've already fought Giovanni twice, but now I’m fighting for the reputation of the Pokémon League. I’m fighting him so others won't have to. So I can train to be the most powerful Pokémon Master. I’m fighting for the countless lives and livelihoods endangered by Team Rocket. But most of all, above all else, I’M FIGHTING BECAUSE THAT JERK BLUE APPARENTLY BEAT THIS GYM YESTERDAY!! How did he get here so fast?

Note to self: Seriously though, how is Blue so fast?!

Afternoon: 3:00 PM

I thought I was finally ready to battle Giovanni, but I woke up mid-battle at the Pokémon Center! Twice! I guess I was intensely dreaming about defeating this creep. I headed back to the gym to get my badge and silence him once and for all.

And I did it! Bird Jesus went up against Giovanni’s Rhydon, Evil Tusks. It was a very close battle, but I won in the end. After suffering a crushing defeat, Giovanni decided that he should cancel all future Team Rocket plans and abolish the group! Now it was high time to head to Victory Road. Nothing could stop me!

Note to self: Rub in Blue’s face that HE didn’t end Team Rocket and save the Pokémon, I did. Hah.

Late Afternoon: 5:45 PM

Correction: one thing could stop me. Blue Oak. (Ha-ha, What a dumb name.) Right as I was stepping up to Victory Road he stood out at the entrance, challenging me with his smug little face. I took the challenge gladly, and woke up at a Pokémon center shortly after. I headed back immediately.

Blue thought he could crush me twice! Not this time, I obliterated his team. Afterwards, he said something about still being better than me and that he was going to beat the Pokémon League and then he walked off. What a sore loser.

Note to self: Have to kick that guys butt in the Indigo League!!

Evening: 8:40 PM

I went back to Viridian to heal my Pokémon, and instead of continuing my original path of going to Victory Road, I decided to train down in Cinnabar Island for a while. My battle with Blue made me realize that my team is very under-leveled.

I’ve arrived back on Cinnabar Island. The goal is to train. I’ll do my very best.