Day Ten

I wonder what this day will bring me. I'll take the challenges as they come.

Morning: 9:02 AM

Well apparently everyone in Saffron city has become a Team Rocket member! Thankfully, even though I ran back and forth between them all, none have tried to battle me. I also taught Air Jordan (my new Lapras) Surf and Strength! He should be able to muscle and move past anything now!

Note to self: Surf is useful on Lapras, but I’m not sure about Strength.

Late Morning: 11:55 AM

What an easy battle! My defeat of Giovanni inside Silph Co. was simple with Bird Jesus in the lead. I really thought I would have liked more of a challenge but I'm not complaining in the slightest. I'm still in shock that he gave me so much money for beating him!

Next I headed to a distress call from the president of Silph Co. He was, however, just sitting in his office! I dunno, maybe he couldn’t walk out? Paralyzed with fear? Ha-ha. Nonetheless, he offered me a grand prize for “saving him”, and handed me this thing called a Master Ball. What a beautiful Pokéball! But he totally stole my idea! This Pokéball can capture any Pokémon no matter how strong! No fair! I'm going to take out my frustrations on the Saffron Gym.

Note to self: Look into legal action.

Early Afternoon: 2:20 PM

I don't think I'm claustrophobic, however Sabrina's gym made me feel that way. The rooms were so cramped, with a trainer and a shiny pad which magically teleported me into another room. It was slow going, but I got there eventually.

Note to self: Warp pads are not to be trifled with. The guy at the beginning of the gym told me he saw a kid get split in half! Gross!

Late Afternoon: 5:58 PM

I made it to the Gym Leader, Sabrina. My team and I battled fiercely but suddenly I awoke at the Pokémon Center. How confusing! Back to the Gym. Holy Helix ,Sabrina was a close fight! She literally wiped out my entire team except Bird Jesus. Thankfully he held out and we defeated Sabrina. I now have a nice shiny Marsh badge!!

I had an action packed day, and I can't wait to go after the Volcano Badge. Wish me luck.