Day Nine

My days are starting to get more and more eventful as time passes!

Very Early: 2:00 AM

My mom always told me to get a good night’s rest before doing something important, but I just couldn’t get to sleep knowing that I get to challenge Koga tomorrow for my fifth gym badge! First things first, however: Snorlax. The locals have been complaining that a Snorlax has been blocking the road from Lavender Town to Fuchsia City and since I’m going that way anyway, I thought that I’d help out. Using the PokéFlute, I played a really catchy tune that I thought would gently wake the Snorlax. “Gently” didn’t quite happen, but I still took care of it and I made my way through to Fuchsia.

Note to self: Thank Mr. Fuji for the PokéFlute. How did he know?!

Morning: 6:00 AM

Knowing that Koga is a poison type Gym Leader, I want something on my team that is immune to getting poisoned, but my Oddish, Cabbage, Is just too weak. Whatever, I’ll have to deal with it.

Morning: 7:00 AM

Awesome job, Cabbage! While I was battling through Koga’s ninjas, Cabbage evolved from an Oddish into a Gloom. Now perfectly equipped to deal with Koga’s poison Pokémon, I challenged him for the Soul Badge. My Gastly did serious work on his Koffing before I had to switch into Bird Jesus. His Muk proved to be a challenge, but it wasn’t anything gust couldn’t deal with. By the end of the battle, only Bird Jesus and Cabbage were fit to fight and Bird Jesus was poisoned, but that didn’t discourage them from taking down Koga’s prized Weezing when it missed using Self-destruct. Unfortunately, however, when Bird Jesus leveled up at the end of the fight, I accidently taught it Mirror Move OVER Gust! I should have trusted in the Gust. Walking away with the Soul Badge, I thought I deserved some me time. How better to spend it than at the Safari Zone?

Morning: 8:00 AM

Yes! I love the safari! The Pokémon are so easy to catch and the morning mist feels great. I’ll just stay here for a few... minutes.

Note to self: Wow this Venomoth sure can cover all kinds of different Terrain!

Afternoon: 3:30 PM

Oops, I totally lost track of time. I’ve just been hanging out, catching Pokémon, and enjoying the safari. I had already caught fourteen Pokémon by the end of my time there when I ran into a secret house I hadn’t noticed before. There was a man there who gave me HM03 Surf. Lot of good it will do me since I don't have a Vaporeon. But it was still pretty cool of him. On the way out, I noticed a shining pair of golden dentures. The voice in my head instructed me to pick them up, but that’s super gross. Eventually, my subconscious won.

Finally leaving the Safari Zone, I went searching for the zone’s Warden. I figured that I should return the golden dentures to whoever owned them and that he might know who left them. Finding his house in the middle of the city, I walked inside to find an old man frantically searching his drawers and cabinets. The old man slurred something I couldn't understand.  Assuming that the dentures, in actuality, belonged to the warden, I outstretched my hand to give them to the bewildered elder. He snatched them from my paws and thanked me for helping him.

I tried to say that it was all in a day’s work and that I didn’t need a reward, but he insisted that I take HM04 Strength with me. I didn’t want to take the reward, but Strength is very useful and I had a suspicion that I would need it later. I needed to go directly to Saffron City, but before I did, I deposited Rick Gastly and DigRat into the PC and withdrew my All-Terrain Venomoth, one of the Pokémon I caught today at the Safari Zone. With my newly organized team, I made my way to Saffron.   

Evening: 7:00 PM

It’s been a long day and I’m exhausted, but apparently crime never sleeps. After hearing about Team Rocket’s seizure of Silph Co., I knew what I had to do. I made my way through the building, defeating tons of grunts along the way. One of the grunts gave me a card key after I beat him, which actually was pretty respectable for a Rocket.

After a while, I stumbled across Blue who was also trying to stop the Rockets. That kid is arrogant, even in the middle of liberating the building that dude STILL wanted to battle. It’s not all bad, though. Right after I fought him, one of the scientists that was being held hostage gave me a Lapras for my trouble. I’m spending the night here in Saffron. I can’t afford to lose any time and let Team Rocket get the upper hand.

Lives are at stake!

Note to self: Talk to Blue about his battle etiquette.