Day Sixteen

Today is the day, Today I trek through Victory Road, and become the League Champion!

Early Morning: 2:00 AM

I can't sleep. I'm so excited! I can just feel the anticipation welling up inside me! I was so worried that I would slip and fall, or lose my cool and jump down this ledge! But thankfully I didn't, I kept calm and managed to conquer it.  I couldn't help but remember all those other ledges I had fallen down, jumped down or been thrown down.  I guess you could say I'm sad I won't see them anymore after I'm league champ. I'll just get to stand in a room all day long and crush the hopes and dreams of  kids everywhere!

Note to self: On second thought, that sounds better, much better.

Morning: 6:43 AM

Well I made it into Victory Road, and I'm elated, and not for the reason you might think, Journal. This place is full, and I mean FULL of Zubats! Also, I found this amazing TM for Sky Attack, Bird Jesus just needed to learn this attack. I mean, it's an attack that comes from the sky! Can you say, match made in bird heaven? I figured the Lord of the Sky just had to learn this move.

Afternoon 12:09 PM

Well, I think I might have been dreaming again. I really should see a doctor about these vivid hallucinations. I started in Cinnabar , headed to pallet town to drop some stuff off before I head to Victory Road! I got home, mom was there, like always.  I went upstairs, threw some stuff in my PC, and was on my way!

Note to self: Tell mom to stop sleeping in my bed when I’m not home. She really needs her own room.

Afternoon: 3:30 PM

It's a good thing I do have such vivid dreams, they’re almost like premonitions. I was able to conquer the ledge quickly and made my way to Victory Road. Once inside, I was able to navigate the treacherous cave almost as quickly as the ledge outside. After which, I ran across a puzzling set of boulders. Thankfully, I'm a genius and got past it with very little issue.

Note to self: If I’m dreaming, how did all of these entries end up in my journal? Strange.

Night: 10:14 PM

Sorry for taking so long to update Journal. It's been a rough day!  I finally challenged the Elite Four. They really are Elite. My Pokémon did great, and I managed to make it through them all. Venomoth did exceptionally well, he took down Lance's Dragonite without even taking a hit! He's a regular old dragon slayer! I got to the end, I was sure I had won, but of course, OF COURSE Blue is somehow the league champion. I was so shocked, that I lost my focus and ultimately lost the battle. But I won't let this get me down.

Note to self: Have a word with Lance, Elite Four is very misleading when I have to fight a surprise champion...