Day Seventeen

A Morning Filled with Hopelessness...                          

Early Morning: 4:06 AM

Although I thought I was ready to power through the Elite Four, today was not my day. I started with the “Ice Queen”, that one was a nice, cool breeze. I even got through the “Meathead”! Unfortunately for me, “Old Psycho Lady’s” Gengar proved to be too much. Wiped out and back at the Pokémon Center, stocking up for the next round…

Morning: 6:45 AM

You would think after twenty-five rounds I would just dive right in to the next one, but I'll admit I'm nervous…

Note to self: Buy potions. Heal Pokémon. Buy more potions.

Afternoon 12:30 PM

I’m fully stocked. Pokémon all healed. I’m ready to go! Think this time will be the one.

Like every bout with the Elite Four, I started with the “Ice Queen” Lorelei. Come to think of it, someone should really change the name to the Elite 2, because again, Lorelei and the “Meathead” Bruno were no match for the Mighty Red! Bwahahaha!

Afternoon: 1:00 PM

Here I am in the room of my last defeat. The “Old Psycho Lady” Agatha is just idly waiting for me to interact with her, I think she likes to meditate. It sends chills down my spine. Breathe Red. Breathe. Okay Agatha I’m ready for you! Gengar was her first pick, but apparently all I had to do was pick Zapdos as my starter, he decimated that old hag!

Note to self: Ask Prof. Oak why and how he knows Agatha. She was too “familiar” with her compliments. Eww.

Afternoon: 2:45 PM

Catching my breath after the last battle. The fourth member of the Elite Four, Lance. This guy is too cool. Spiky hair, cape-wearing, dragon-trainer. I can't even think of a nickname for him. Got him down to his Dragonite. Zapdos will finish this of course. Beat Lance the leader of the Elite Four!

Afternoon: 3:15 PM

What a joke! I still can't believe there is someone after the Elite Four. Blue must be one condescending and cowardly guy to hide behind four other trainers. Blue, He’s the Pokémon Champion?! They must give the title away.

Note to self: Ridiculous. Just. Ridiculous.

Afternoon: 3:25 PM

I will end my Rival, Blue. Haven’t seen his team for a while. He probably has evolved a few more Pokémon by now. I didn't get to see much of his Pokémon the first time around, I was just so shocked. He wiped out most of my Pokémon, but it's time for a comeback! I eradicated most his team now. Rhydon out, Pidgeot out, Alakazam out, Arcanine out, Exeggutor out, but Blastoise still standing… Chipping away at his health, but that Blastoise is a wall. Zapdos hasn't let me down before I will try once more.

YES! He did it! Zapdos got him! I did it!

Note to self: Start a PSA to warn that the Elite Four actually means Elite Five.

Night: 6:00 PM

That was an epic battle! Prof. Oak came to congratulate me. Love the scolding Prof. Oak gave Blue. My Pokémon WERE raised with trust and love and the bond between us is strong. Zapdos (My Archangel of Justice), NidoKing (The King Fonz), Omastar (THE GREAT LORD HELIX, PRAISE HIM!), Venomoth (The All Terrain Venomoth), Lapras (Air Jordan), Pidgeot (The Mighty Messiah Bird Jesus) and I have been inducted into the Pokémon Hall of Fame. Among the archives of all the Pokémon Champions our names will forever be remembered.

This was one heck of a ride, I'm so glad I was able to take this trip. I accomplished my dreams, I am the League Champion! I cannot wait to see what the future holds. It looks like I'm ending the last few lines of this old book. So for now, this is the end of my journey and my journal. The End.


To be continued….