Day Fifteen

I believe today I will find that my choice to come back to Cinnabar island was the right one for me and my team!

Early Morning: 6:48 AM

I continue to wander the Mansion on Cinnabar Island. My team and I had encountered countless fire and poison type Pokémon when suddenly Lord Helix began to glow. I had believed he was evolving into his final form but he merely stopped his metamorphosis. The all powerful Lord Helix will change when he is ready.

The Mansion gradually wore my Pokémon thin. The poisoning they suffered leeched the power from their bodies. We were on our last leg and suddenly I awoke in the Pokémon Center. What a terrible dream! But heading to the Mansion sounds like a good idea.

Note to self: Still haven’t figured out what this antidote thing does...

Mid-Morning: 10:15 AM

After leaving the Mansion and healing up my team (that dream was no joke, poisoning nearly took them all out!), I was finally able to surf back to Pallet Town. Air Jordan must have enjoyed being in the water as opposed to the grungy floor of a beat up Mansion! Even if it was for only a short time.

When we entered Pallet Town, I didn't even have time to say hello to my mother. It was back to Viridian City and onwards to Victory Road! The ledges were treacherously thin, but I only fell off once! Finally, I reached the gatekeeper. Thank goodness I worked so hard to gain all of my badges, those guys were VERY selective. However, I proved more than ready to enter Victory Road.

Note to self: DON’T let mom know I was in town without saying Hello!

Afternoon: 1:32 PM

Within moments of battle on Victory Road, my team began to fall. With everyone else fainted, Zapdos held on as long as he could.

I had believed all of Victory Road was to be mine, but I awoke on Cinnabar Island, far from my dream. The Mansion called me inside, and I started training my team once again.

Note to self: Eventually we will return to Victory Road, but I want to be sure we are ready!

Afternoon: 3:41 PM

My daydreaming is truly out of hand. I awoke at the Pokémon Center… how confusing. I decided to take a stroll on the island before entering the ominous Mansion again. Once again, my dear Lord Helix was poisoned. This time, however, I managed to heal him. Lord Helix must have been pleased, because he finally evolved into Omastar!

Note to self: Antidote! That’s good stuff! Get more.

Evening: 5:45 PM

After a few hours in the Battle Mansion, my Pokémon and I were very tired. We rested up at the Pokémon center, and I decided to head back to my home town. As I entered my loving home, I blatantly ignored my mother to go up to my room. Boy was my PC a mess! I decided that pulling EVERYTHING out would be the best decision.

Well, maybe not. After spending some well deserved time in my room and a moment with my mother, the load became too much. I deposited everything in the same fashion I withdrew it. Nonetheless, it was just a bit of spring cleaning coming early. After I finished I gave my mom a kiss goodbye and continued my journey.

Note to self: That potion might have been useful. But I guess it’s safely packed away in my PC.

Well journal, I must go. I am on my way to Viridian City, to show Victory Road who is the boss! Tell you more tomorrow, pray to the Helix for me.