Day Six

Dark, Creepy, and full of spinning. This is how my day began.  

Early Morning: 4:27 AM ( I think)

I can’t tell you how long I've been stuck trying to get through Team Rocket’s hideout! I've been stumbling in between floors for about two hours, I found that elevator, but I need some sort of key, it seems. Who makes an elevator inaccessible? I mean, isn't that a fire hazard or something? I guess it's stairs, stairs, and more stairs for now. I can make it!

I keep having to trek through that room where the tiles on the floor make me dance uncontrollably, it's disco fever for sure. These Team Rocket Grunts are just watching me spin. They don't have much to say unless I go up to them, it's pretty creepy. They're surely still in shock from the pure awesome power of my Pokémon!

Morning: 8:57 AM

 Well, Digrat got out of his Pokéball again. I really should've taught him flash instead of dig. So, once again I'm back outside Team Rocket’s hideout... I've had enough of Digrat's shenanigans for one day, I think it's time I store him in the PC for the time being. Let's hope there's not a repeat of last time.

Note to self: Read the PC Manual.

Late Morning: 11:30 AM

Okay, I have some good news and some bad news, journal. The good news: I got Bird Jesus back! Thought I lost him in the PC there for a second. Thankfully I just deposited him somehow, and very carefully managed to get him back!

The bad news is I deposited my beloved Helix fossil! I felt as if my world had collapsed momentarily! I was literally frozen in place, the feeling of dread left me with nothing to do other than stare at the options screen that is my life. On top of that, I lost my Sega Saturn ticket(that is what the S.S. stands for, right?), My gold nugget, even my creepy Flareon and Drowzee weren't spared from my technical difficulties. All this started because of Digrat. Definitely didn't mind tossing that “Technical Machine” for Teleport in there, it would just have turned out to be the worst thing since dig.

Note to self: Pressing Up, Down, Left, Right, B, A seems to be the key in using the PC successfully.

Afternoon: 1:15 PM

I'm back in Team Rocket's Hideout, I made it to the end in record time! Also found an item labeled Escape Rope. Wonder what it does?

Note to self: Use the mysterious escape rope!

Well... I’m back at the Pokémon Center. Apparently, escape ropes help you escape. Who would have guessed? But at this rate, I'll never find out who the treacherous leader of Team Rocket is. Maybe a second attempt at depositing Digrat would be better for the time being.

Afternoon: 1:30 PM

Couldn't deposit Digrat, but I saved the Helix fossil from the evil grasp of the PC! I feel much better knowing I have the Helix fossil back in my possession.

Despite the fact that I have been on the same level for over 8 hours (all thanks to several Digrat incidents), things seem to be progressing, even if only slightly. However, I can't help but have some inner turmoil. The anarchical side of me is having fun dancing and spinning for hours, while my reasonable and democratic side really wants to move forward. After a long internal debate I finally surpassed that maze of spinning tiles(again). I found the elevator key, (Definitely something that should be kept in the main lobby) but Digrat sent me back to square one. Going to take this opportunity to take a break and maybe walk outside for a little while. I may consult the Helix, and formulate a game plan for this place.

Note to self: They really should invent an inescapable Poké Ball, perhaps it could be purple?

Late Afternoon: 7:45 PM

I'm back at the PC, I accidentally released Flareon, but I can't exactly say that I'm too upset. Ever since it had met Drowzee, Flareon had been less of a creep, but they didn't seem to like each other much. If you ask me Flareon was the real cause of all this funny business at the hideout. I could have sworn I saw him startle Digrat more than a few times. My Drowzee is definitely a "keeper.” Now with Helix fossil in hand, The Keeper, and, of course, Bird Jesus, I’m determined to face down Team Rocket.

Note to self: I saw the words, “The PC demands the blood of the innocent” carved on the side of the monitor. Wonder what that’s all about?

Night: 10:00 PM

Alright, I'm ready. I have elevator access this time, and I'm determined to finish exploring this place once and for all. I can't help but feel an ominous presence looming over this place. Thankfully, Bird Jesus made quick work of the remaining Rocket Grunts. He has really stepped up since the loss of Abby and Jay Leno.

Note to self: Finish this once and for all!

Late Night: 11:30 PM

YES! Finally here! I found the Rocket Leader's Office! I wonder if my Pokédex has a camera? I would really like to take a picture in front of the door. This is a huge accomplishment, after all!

Apparently, his name is Giovanni. His name was on the plaque outside the door. Looks like he wants to battle! He keeps asking why I'm writing as he speaks, I guess I should focus!  Let the battle begin! Go, Bird Jesus!