Day Seven

Accomplishment, pure accomplishment. This day will go down in the history books!

Early Morning: 2:18 AM

I think I blacked out. All I remember was battling Giovanni, before waking up (yet again) in a Pokémon Center.  But, I decided to venture back out to the Game Corner. (I thought I had it that time!) I trudged my way into Team Rocket's Secret base once more. Once I was inside, the whirlwind that has become my life for the past few hours feels more prevalent than ever. I feel as though I am a mere puppet forced to endlessly trek through Team Rocket's base for eternity. 

Morning: 6:32 AM

I held my head up high as I patiently awaited the elevator's arrival. I have a villain to defeat, and I know he is but a mere few minutes away. This is it, the moment that has been in the making for these treacherous and eventful past few hours. My Pokémon were ready. My mind was ready, but unfortunately, my body was not. Finally I've made my way back.

Note to self: Ask Giovanni about the poster thing.

Afternoon: 12:50 PM

The battle was long, and, unfortunately, no amount of consulting with either the lift Key or the S.S. Ticket could help us make things go by faster. The battle with Giovanni was intense, but I somehow managed to pull off the win! Giovanni seemed calm on the surface, but I could tell he was furious. I asked him to Please Understand, then I asked about the Poster Idea. But the lights flickered, and he was gone!

After an extended period of time, merely resting in a corner and checking on my beloved Pokémon, we dug ourselves out (The only time I actually asked Digrat to do so) But imagine my embarrassment when I realized I left without taking the Silph scope Giovanni left behind!! I returned to the base YET AGAIN and retrieved the Silph scope.

Note to self: Never admire strange posters again.

Mid-Afternoon: 4:39 PM

I hiked my way back to Lavender Town and to the Pokémon Tower where, of course, Blue was waiting. He asked me to battle (Of course I said yes) but I found it a little odd that his Raticate wasn't with him. I unfortunately didn't have much time to dwell on this as both The Keeper and Cabbage lost to his Pidgeotto.

Bird Jesus, however, was not pleased by this and sought retribution for his fallen comrades, taking down the rest of Blue's team in the process. Finally, after a few encounters with trainers, some crazy ghost type Pokémon, and finding the TM for Swift, I ventured to Old Man Name Rater to seek advice on naming my Pokémon. I have to wonder what drove me there, but I doubt I'll ever know.

Note to self: Find out what happened to Blue’s Raticate!

Night: 9:00 PM

I left Old Man Name Rater's house and traveled over to Saffron City. I had every intention of challenging the next gym, but I somehow ended up in a fighting dojo! The master there was a pretty intense guy. He leapt right at me and threw out his Pokémon! I managed to make quick work of his fighting types, and afterwards, I was totally shocked when he offered one of them to me! I was so impressed by the prowess of Hitmonlee, I just knew I needed to add him to my team!

After I finished up there I went next door to try and challenge the real gym. No luck however, the door was blocked. So I headed to a Pokémon center to grab my new Hitmonlee, but, as now has become common place, I managed to release him. (It was probably for the best, He seemed happier with the Dojo master anyways.)

Note to self: Feeling drawn back to the Pokémon Tower. Back to Lavender Town!

Late Midnight: 11:58 PM

Was feeling a bit spontaneous, so I made my way back to Lavender town and into the Pokémon Center. After healing up there I headed to the Pokémon Tower, where I managed to catch a new Pokémon called Gastly! Now, what to name him?

Note to self: Name Gastly after my cousin Rick.

Going to call it a day, Journal. I've been pretty exhausted. I will update you as soon as possible!