Day Eight

This day I began trying to deal with all of the insanity that is the Pokémon Tower.

Morning: 9:00 AM

You know Journal, after battling so many random trainers in a tower full of ghosts and crazy people trying to attack you just because, well, I don't know... they’re insane!! You learn some things. You learn that the S.S ticket never does anything no matter how hard you try to use it. Of course, even the idea of stairs will haunt my memories forever at this point. Oh, and I was asked by the locals to save someone named Mr. Fuji from the top of The Pokémon Tower. Apparently, Team Rocket has kidnapped him. Hopefully with this Silph Scope I can save this guy Mr. Fuji and finally rid myself of this place.

Morning 9:31 AM

Okay, I had some issues. I may have gotten a bit scared inside the Pokémon Tower. Right now I’m trying to buy some time to harden my nerves. I went to the Pokémon Center and did a test deposit with Dux, and guess what, journal! I did it! I managed to Deposit and Withdraw him without any incident! So what if I meant to withdraw Gastly? Dux is still here! I also renamed a Zubat I caught. I've got to say, I wasn't really feeling the name Jess, so now her new name is Dash Bat! A much more fitting name! Alright then, back to climbing this tower and saving Mr. Fuji!

Note to self: Teach Drowzee Psychic!

Afternoon 12:30 PM

I'm back at the PC now. Ugh, today is just one of those days. I switched out Dash Bat for Rick Gastly just to give her a rest. This time, however, I'm going to have Nurse Joy operate the PC so nothing can possibly go wrong. I guess I shouldn't say that out loud, I don't need anything else happening today.

Note to self: Digrat Evolved into a Bigrat... or Bigdig - both good names! Woot!

Mid-Afternoon 2:15 PM

I’m finally here at the top floor. Man, there’s a chill you get once you reach the top step, and it never really leaves. I have to say I'm just a little bit terrified at this point but I have to save Mr. Fuji from Team Rocket! I keep running into this shapeless form, I think it's a Ghost! Not like a Ghost-type Pokémon, but a REAL ghost! Why don't other eleven year olds have to go through things like this?

Note to self: Find the identity of the shapeless form!

Mid-Afternoon 3:26 PM

Wow what a rush! I used the Silph Scope and found the ghost's identity! It was a Marowak. Who'd have thought? Apparently this ghost was haunting the floor to warn people from the same fate it had suffered at the hands of Team Rocket. I'm glad I could put its soul to rest and now I hope Helix will show mercy on her in the afterlife. Hang on Mr.Fuji, I'm coming.

Late-Afternoon 5:30 PM

After plowing through some of these Rocket Grunts, I've finally managed to make it to Mr. Fuji. These Grunts can't be the brightest bunch, they didn't even tie him up! But what else should I expect from guys who use mostly Zubats. Mr. Fuji was so grateful that he said he would take me back to his house and offer me a present! I wonder what it could be? Maybe a TM? Or a rare candy? Oh the excitements killing me!

Night 9:45 PM

Well... It's definitely not a rare candy, not even close in fact. He gave me a flute. A flute of all things?? What am I going to do with a flute? He says it wakes up sleeping Pokémon. Alright, that's cool I guess. But couldn't I just shake the Pokémon or clap to wake them up? Well it's the thought that counts. (I guess) Maybe this will wake up that Snorlax blocking the bicycle road, but I doubt a giant Snorlax would hear this tiny flute. Well, back to Fuchsia City!