IOTW: Expert Belt

Since most of you seemed to enjoy my narrative syle article from last week, I'm doing it again. This time we'll look at the Expert Belt.


Life as a master theif was never easy for a Meowth like you, but it's getting even harder. Times are changing. Cameras. Motion sensors. Digital Locks. Every second that passes brings your profession closer to extinction. So it's time to gather up the team for one last heist.

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MOTW: Overheat

So I’ve kind of touched on stacking stats before. I believe that when we looked at our first triple battle set with Darmanitan, Seismatoad, and Amoonguss, we managed to get Darmanitan’s Fire Punch, a normally 75 base powered move, to 195. Not too shabby at all. But what if we were to take this stat maxing, well, to the max? The most powerful move that I’ve come across that can be boosted is Overheat, and I’ll tell you why...

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MOTW: Heal Pulse

Having a super powerful team is great, but when you don’t have any defense built into it you’re only going to be able to pull of a couple moves per battle on your opponent. At that point you’re relying on OHKO’s and pure power to take care of your opponent every time, nearly without fail. We’re going to look at a way to keep yourself alive more than anything else today. Feel better! Heal Pulse, Go!
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