IOTW: Expert Belt

Since most of you seemed to enjoy my narrative syle article from last week, I'm doing it again. This time we'll look at the Expert Belt.


Life as a master theif was never easy for a Meowth like you, but it's getting even harder. Times are changing. Cameras. Motion sensors. Digital Locks. Every second that passes brings your profession closer to extinction. So it's time to gather up the team for one last heist.

The target is called the "Expert Belt." It's the prized possesion of a royal family of Slowkings who have passed it down countless generations. It is said to increase the damage of super-effective moves by 20%. Your team has already stolen the Life Orb, but the damage it does every turn has made it more of a trophy than an actually usefull battle item. You got the Choice Band too, but Tyranitar, an old member of your team, lost it when he was KO'd while stuck using Earthquake on a flyer. That's why the Expert Belt has to be your last one. The last accomplishment of your team has to be one you will actually be able to use.

A month ago you sent out Ditto, your disguise expert, to assume the appearance of a Slowking to acquire the combination for the first lock, but after that no one but the royal family is allowed any further, so that's where the rest of your team come in.

You give Gligar, a former street peddler turned surveylance expert, the orders to fly above the mansion and keep an eye out for trouble as your team uses the combination gathered by Ditto to enter the first chamber. 

The first of the three chambers is littered with motion sensors. "You got this, Porygon?" you ask your computer expert.

"AF-IR-MA-TIVE," he replies in his usual robotic voice as he jacks in to the electrical outlet near you to access the mansion's mainframe. Within a second, Porygon is back and the motion sensors are off. "Porygon, stay in the mainframe in case we need more assistance." Your orders are met with the expected "AF-IR-MA-TIVE."

So, with just you and your weapons expert, Electivire, left, you proceed into the second chamber. The next chamber is empty, save for two doors on the other end. One is the entrance to the final chamber, and the other is presumably a dummy that's designed to shoot a poisonous dart at whoever turns the handle. "Any read on wich door is the right one?" you ask Porygon through your communicator.


"Good," you reply, "I like a challenge."

Using your keen intellect you deduce that the first door is the correct one. "How'dya figure it?" asks Electivire.

"Easy. There are marks on the wall where someone has slammed open the second door. You can't slam a door that never actually moves."

And so, proud of what will probably be your final use of deduction in a heist, you and Electivire enter the final chamber. It's also empty, except that in the center is a pedastal where the Expert Belt lies.

Getting closer, you can see Electivire start to grab it. "WAIT! IT'S A TRAP!" you yell.

But it was too late. Electivire has the belt, but the alarms are sounding. You hear the voice of Gligar in your communicator. "We've got Golbats heading your way, approaching fast. Get outta there!" You give the orders for Porygon to head back to your base by traveling through the internet while you and Electivire make a break for it. 

There are Golbats everywhere, but Electivire is taking them down easily. With the power of the Expert Belt his STAB'ed Thunder Punch is able to take any that get close down with ease. A power boost comprable to the Arceus plates with the versatility of the Life Orb. You almost forgot how usefull this thing could be. You begin to realize that this item is perfectly tailored for Pokémon like Electivire. Four different type moves, and all damage dealing ones. This would be a gold mine for your pals Infernape and Salamence too, with their diverse move pools.

With a few Ice Punches here, a Thunder Punch there, and a Rock Slide thrown in for kicks, Electivire manages to take out all of the Golbats, and you return to your base with your prize. 

You decide to give the Expert Belt to Electivire. He's probably the best Pokémon to use it anyway. After giving it away, you pack up and leave town. The city is too fast for your kind now, after all.