Gym Leaders

Today we talk about Gym Leaders. Today we bring back old emotions. Today we bond even closer. Today is Thursday... and this is our “Rare Article” posting.

Gym Leaders... who are they, where do they come from, what do they mean? Let’s start with the basics. Gym Leaders are the “boss” fights in Pokémon. Your goal in the game is to collect all the badges (usually eight) from the Gym Leaders to go on to battle the Elite Four, and then of course, your Rival. I’m not actually sure where they come from, maybe they are all born in Pallet Town? Double rainbow reference, well, not in this article. Let’s move on. 

Not sure why I wrote that top paragraph... because today we are going to touch on a couple frustration Gym Leaders.  So here we go!


Brock is the first Gym Leader in Pokémon Red and Blue. You may know him from the anime, but in the game, he is the Rock Gym Leader that provides a tough start to the game. You may be thinking... well... I had no problems because I picked Squirtle. I would say, that you are correct, but lets be honest... almost everyone picked Charmander. Charmander against rock as the first Gym Leader was extremely hard. Especially when you back up Pokémon was either a Pidgey or a Metapod. On top of that, when Pokémon Yellow came out... wow... stupid... remember Thundershock... oh yeah... it did NOTHING. Unless you picked Squirtle or Bulbasaur... Brock was a rough start. 


You may remember Whitney from Gold and Silver. She was the Gym Leader from Goldenrod City that uses Normal Pokémon. At this point in the game, usually your Pokémon are around level 20. Why she sucks you ask? One Pokémon... Miltank! First off... Whitney is incredible easy until she brings out her Miltank. The Miltank is quite the Tank because all it uses is Rollout... and it continues to use Rollout over and over again. In a matter of a couple moves, the stupid cow plows through your entire time... and you wake it up the Pokémon Center. Dumb cow.

Tate and Liza

This is an interesting battle. For some, it goes very quickly and it’s extremely easy, but for others, this battle is way to long and annoying. This is one of the rare double battle Gym Leader fights. Liza sends out Lunatone, the moon Pokémon, and Tate sends out Solrock, the sun Pokémon. Both these are Psychic and Rock, which is quite a unique type combo. The entire battle is these Pokémon bouncing moves off each other. The trick here is to focus on only one, once one is down, the second one soon follows. If you don’t got that route, the Pokémon Center will be seeing you a lot.