PotW: Bulbasaur?

Okay, before we get started, I need to tell you something. I don't know what tone the other editors are taking in their Anniversary articles, but I've gotta say that this isn't really going to be a Pokemon of the Week article, more of a "David emotionally blubbering about how much he loves this site and community" article. So be prepared for that. 

Bulbasaur. Remember that guy? Pokemon numbero uno. More importantly, Pokemon featured on PotW numero uno. Now THAT was a long time ago. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that more than 80% of the people reading this article haven't been visiting this site long enough to have seen that when it was current. (I know I haven't.) 

"What?", you must be thinking, "David, in his infinite knowledge of the Pokemon universe and communities, hasn't been listening and reading PKMNcast stuff since its glorious genesis?!" 

No, my children. I was once like you. A devoted fan and listener and reader and sbj-lover. Well, I still am all of those things, but now I'm on the show and stuff. 

I've actually been listening to the show since around when episode 20 came out. As you fans may or may not know, that was back before Travis, Kenny, Jay, and obviously my time, when SBJ, Aaron, Wil, and Catie were the frequent hosts. Things were really different back then, but I loved listening most days on my way to school nonetheless. So, I listened quietly for a few months, not venturing onto the interwebs to comment on the forum or follow the show on Twitter. Eventually, as the show evolved (no pun intended) to become more immersive, professional, and entertaining, I started regularly visiting the web site and forums. Soon enough I became a contributing member of PKMNcast's community. I frequently posted replies and topics on the Poketalk boards and tweeted (and was retweeted by) SBJ on the site's twitter often. 

Now, I've always had an interest in writing. I like to think of myself as a semi-funny individual, and I feel like writing is a way for me to get my thoughts, funny or otherwise, out to people who hopefully care about what I'm saying. So when Steve put up a post on the website saying that he was looking for a new editor to write the Pokemon of the Week articles, I jumped on it like a mach punch Caterpie on a Tyranitar. I sent in my Reuniclus article, and within a month I was a writer for the site. This seemed like such a crazy occurence, definitely one of the coolest internet things that's ever happened to me. 

After appearing on 4 episodes, 5 if you count Ep 50, I think I could be considered a core member of the Pokemon Podcast crew, and I can't be happier. I know I'm not perfect, sometimes my articles are late, sometimes they suck, but I'm really lucky to have someone as cool and chill as SBJ for a boss, and I'm really really lucky to have fans (can I call you fans? I'm not sure if I'm that popular) as awesome as you guys. Thanks for sticking with us through our first year, and make sure to stick around. There's much more awesome stuff to come.